Daily Double

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by dpliska, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. dpliska

    Well, I went back to see if I could locate some of those missed opportunities from yesterday. The bite was steady early and after a few shorts I finally had one that felt good. Unfortunately, it soon came unbuttoned and the bite slowed and then stopped. About an hour and a half later the fish turned on again and I was called over to my friend. He had just lost a nice fish (as he described it: solid weight with big waving head shakes). Spurred on by the new bite, I dropped a fresh bait down and soon set the hook on a solid fish. I didn't think she was too big due to her lack of fight and figured she would be around 10lbs. Turned out to be wrong. She went 38" and approximately 25lbs. This fish was very fat and extemely thick. The bite turned off again and my friend and I headed to some other areas. On our last stop I hooked up again to a decent fish. This one was fighting like a 25lber but ended up being 29 1/2" and about 10lbs. I've been releasing all by halibut under 10lbs and think the karma is working.

    How do you make a 10 pound halibut look small?
  2. Swaar

    Congrats Dave! Nice haul.
  3. Az.monkey

    :eek: who's my daddy ? Nice job or the flat kind bro :beerbang:
  4. dfugere

    Nice fish! Where were you fishing, how deep? Not familiar with the area.
  5. geno machino

    Nice daily double!:smash: :smash: :notworthy Tried for that myself today,had a nice one on for about 10 min. or so,did'nt see it,however had those heavy head shakes-broke 30# floralcarbon:Bawling_e . Great job on those two fish. :D Geno Machino
  6. sealskinner

    Nice flatties. Good eatin tonite.
  7. Spyder

    Way to go Dave :appl:

    Good on you for getting back out there and nailing those nice flatties.
  8. tsurikichi

    Hi dpliska,

    Nice .......

    karma yesssssss


    Nice catch Dave!
  10. LLExpress

    Way to go Dave,
    Let us know next time your heading out so we can sit up on the point and see where your going !! LOL, kidding.... You are a machine !!!!!!
    Congrats !!!!!

  11. TheTaz

    Butts are one of my favorites. Those will be some nice fillets.
  12. dpliska

    I fished various spots throughout the day but the depths have all been less than 45'. My rig - 20lb flouro tied to 20lb mono, trap rig of course. I typically use a Shimano Teramar rods (8' MH w/fast action) with a Calcutta 400s. Call out to Shimano - call me when you want to sponsor a kayak fisherman.;)
  13. bertram31

    WTG nice catch.

  14. mandy kate

    Nice job!
    Hey,send all those pics to Shimano...
    also, take some w/ you to Fred Hall Shows coming up.
    Kayak fishing, is Sooo, underated.
    You Guys and Gals have huevos beyond my understanding.
  15. jesse


    I love flattie reports:)
    especially those with some fatties:notworthy :notworthy

    congrats dude:)
  16. Saba Slayer

    Two Very Nice Fish Dave!!!
    You better save a few for some of the upcomming kayak Tourneys!
    Jim / Saba Slayer
  17. daniel-neill

    Awsome fishing, Damn.:D