Daily Double fish report AM 5-5

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by poncherello, May 5, 2006.

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  1. poncherello

    Went out this morning on the DD with Fred at the helm, Mike on deck and Bruce in the galley. Went out with 25 or so folks, mainly rent rodders and a few kids. Bait was mainly chovies with a few sardines in the mix. Destination was to head south near IB. Got in some shallow spots and had a steady picking of rock fish. At this spot, there was also some sandies in the mix. After we fill up with some rockfish, we head south west in about 100 feet of water. A few more sandies and a few calicos. Its been so long, I forgot what a calico looks like. A rent rodder gets a nice size ling on a small piece of squid. He's a for sure winner for the JP. Then Gina, (A Fisherman III and DD regular) scores a ling.
    I ask myself WTF, what am I doing wrong? Fred sets us up on our last stop with about 5 minutes to go and all of a sudden, BAM!! Huh, its a ling, but felt like a big sandbass. What is it? Turns out, its a 26 inch Cabezon, weighed about 10 or so pounds. I've never caught one this size before, and apparently Bruce and Mike have never seen one this big. Mike snapped a digital of it and hopefully I'll get it emailed and post it. It now sits in my stomach, yummeee!
    Weather was cloudy with a light wind, and water was a dark green and clear. Water temp down south stayed at a steady 60.5 degrees. Great trip as usual with a great crew and good folks on the boat who fished. Best wishes to all who head out this week!!!
  2. Fishburger

    Nice post. Can't wait to see the pics!
  3. Spyder

    Sounds like a good day on the water. Can't wait to see the pic of the big Cabbie.
  4. Stanley

    10 lb. Cabbie? This I gotta see!
  5. Smudge

    Nice one Jerry! That's a HUGE cabby!!
  6. JTAP

    Cant wait to see it. Thanks for the report.
  7. bloodyboot

    killer job. Thanks for the report
  8. poncherello

    Hey Smudgers, if you see Mike this weekend, ask him if he can send you the image. I don't have his phone number. Thanks
  9. Smudge

    Right on...