Daggets vs Guillermo's La Bay

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by yellowklr, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. yellowklr

    I haven't been to La Bay in a while and it looks like I'm going at the end of May.
    I've always stayed at Guillermos in the past but have heard some good things about Daggetts. How do the two compare?
  2. fishbuck

    ???... There is no real comparison. Guillermos is in town and Ruebens place is 2 or 3 miles north on the beach and is a campground. Rueben uses Guillermos ramp.
  3. yellowklr

    I should of mentioned I WONT be camping but would rent a room
  4. Deno

    Guillermos for me...
  5. 4baja

    casa del sol derek for rooms and food. it isnt on the beach but who cares when youll be on the water all day.
  6. sushimi

    guillermos. its on the beach...walking distance to town n market. n a nice place to talk to locals. as for myself i dont mind being on or next to saltwater all day
  7. robertebaker

    If you go to Guillermos, don't get a "back" room. Make sure you're facing the ocean. Guillermos certainly has the great location, but they aren't always "customer oriented".
  8. Tues

    All I see is eyes...
  9. saravonshep

    Hey Derek! I usually stay at guilermos for ease of launching and im usually in my lance camper. Though the rooms are descent their. The last time i stayed their was not so good though, their had been a marlin cleaned their at the ramp and it was very ripe, we were their for a week and it stunk pretty bad and it was still their when we pulled out. Then we were their another time a couple months later and had all are beer and my brothers wine taken out of are coolers while we were out in the boat, and also my brothers snorkeling gear taken off the bow of my boat at night. It is baja so we just rolled with the punches, and that was the first time ive had anything taken while in Baja. Thats my 2 cents about guillermos, take it how you want. Still love Bay of LA and will continue to return their. Have a good time!!!
  10. yellowklr

    I'm also now considering Costa I've heard great things about he rooms and food. Can still hang out at Guirremos to talk fishing
  11. yellowklr

  12. dweir

    Daggetts out towards La Gringa is much cleaner and shares any breeze. It is also a closer run to Ralph's Reef, Horsehead, Calavera and Smith Is.
  13. MateoFeo

    Say no to Guillermo, the rooms are ok but the spot is weak. I love Archelon, but they don't have much for electricity and such. Though they are very clean, beautiful, and quiet.
  14. pfish


    I usually stay at Guillermos. Any place you find down there is a 1 star hotel. If you have AC, it is all good. I leave my boat in the water, so I like to stay close to it. Restaurant on the premises is nice. Ice and a little store does not hurt either. You might want to call Los Vientos. Much nicer hotel. Don't let them talk you into anything higher than $75 a night. Bahia Villa is another option. Roger is a great guy and will go out of his way to help you. It is all good....
  15. yellowklr

    I'm pretty familiar with Guillermos having stayed there several times
    I just wonder how the 2 compare as far as rooms and such.
    I actuall like the location of Guillermos especially the ramp
  16. TunaMeat

    YT off the beach at Archelon! Los Vientos is nice but pricey for Bahia. Guillermos if you have a boat. good luck.
  17. bruteforce

    guillermos is nice because of the launch ramp but thier food and customer service is not of the best.i use thier launch ramp and stay at costa del sol and if they dont have rooms i stay at las hamachas great rooms and they watch your stuff while your gone.costa del sol has the best food by far and free wifi to upload your photos and share your experience right away.thats just my two cents.
  18. saravonshep

    They are both great places. Las Hamacas is pretty nice and they have a pretty good restraunt though its not at the hotel. Also gotta love the secure parking.
  19. Mia

    Daggett's has a website where you can check out what the rooms look like. Believe they have 24 hour electricity now too.

    Ruben is also on Facebook
  20. yellowklr

    Can anyone give any input on Pangero Joel Prieto?