Dad got his mount back......Sort of.....

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Vermonster, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. Vermonster

    Well, my dad got a call a couple of weeks ago that his mount was finished, just needed 2 weeks of drying. He picked it up on Friday.

    So, he got home, had it in the kitchen. My Mom started smelling something like rotten meat, and she thought it was coming from the fridge. In the meantime, Dad moved the mount into the room where he was going to hang it, and whaddya know, 30 minutes later, the room started to stink.

    Not good. Figured they didn't get it all cleaned out, and I was worried about how they would fix it. Neither of us have ever had one mounted, usually do our own skull cap/plaque kinda thing. So, to dump $375 on this and have it messed up was disheartening to say the least.

    So Dad called the guy and told him he was bringing it back. Good guy, we've known them for years and years. Dad walked in the store, and the guy was on the phone. Got off the phone, and handed my Dad a check for $375. He was actually on the phone with a company that provides a solution that they treat the cape with.

    Where Dad had shot the deer, it had started to spoil a little. So they treat it with this solution, and just patch it with a replacement part of hide. Something had happened with that, and it supposedly is an easy fix. However, I guess out of 2500 or so mounts done with that solution, my Dad's is only the second one that happened to. And in turn, the company wanted to pay for my Dad's entire mount, no questions asked. Pretty cool!!!! So he gets a great mounts done, and for free...... ;)

    Good to hear positive customer service situations occasionally. :)
  2. Derfsondeck

    Thats awesome your Dads stoked!
  3. Baja Dreamer

    Absolutely! ;)
  4. brantc

    Good for you dad, and great for the company to stand behind their product. nice work.

    Find out the solution company and give them many get slammed, it'd be nice to applause the guys that do the right thing.
  5. Vermonster

    I'll see if I can find out who it was. Back in Vermont though, so not sure if it's a local place otu there, or something more well known.

    You know we are entitled to pics of the finished product.Right?
  7. Aggro

    I always salted the shit outta any hide I was going to tan right away. Let's see the beast.
  8. widgeon

    I guess there are still a few good people in the world. Awesome to hear of great customer service.

    BTW Sean, I spent a weekend in Vermont recently. Mount snow area. We did the "duck tape derby" . Good times. My point being, that is some beautiful country out there. Our friends that live there say they have seen deer and even moose near thier house. Pretty cool.
  9. Vermonster

    Yep, and as soon as I get some, I will post them.... ;)

    He only had it hanging for a half hour or so. Didn't even have a chance to take photos.

    I love it there, always have. Wouldn't mind moving back, but I married a SoCal city girl, so I will have to settle for the occasional hunting trip up there whenever I can.
  10. T'Una Mas

    Nothing to see here, move along. Haven't seen any deer or turkeys in the yard since 7:30 this morning. Last moose I saw was last November. Tributary fishing was off the charts last fall and open water salmon fishing has been good all winter for our Frost Bite Fleet, and now Spring is here so it will just get better. Unlike Vermonster, I married into New England and left CA to come back in 2001. I do miss the salt and the occassional travel fix is necessary, but I'm not leaving.
  11. Vermonster

    Bite me Scott!!!! :mad:


    Seriously dude, we have to hook up for drinks or something downtown next time I am back. Maybe some Gravy Fries at Nectars. Been a while since I've had those.

    Plan on hunting there again this fall. Maybe that opening Saturday night after I get out of the woods.
  12. T'Una Mas

    Nectar's is right across the street from the office so that's easy (unless I'm away at camp opening weekend). Many options. Any time. But back on track, it was a very mild winter ... LOTS of turkeys around this spring.
  13. Saluki

    Way cool of them!
  14. Reuben

    Cool story and a free mount! Cant beat that!