Customs Steps Up Enforcement

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by CHA-CHING, May 11, 2003.

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    I was down at shelter islands lauch ramp today and customs pulled in to the basin.they started to line up boats.dont know if they were writing tickets or warnings.just thought i would let you guys\gals know


    line up here

  3. TheShark

    I am glad they were not there when we got there yesterday-

    What a bitch to deal with

    Thanks for the info
  4. Miss Yoly


    Tell me it's not true. You, ByEye, and MNR broke the law by not clearing customs like we did. :D What the hells the world coming to?:rolleyes:
  5. TheShark


  6. midnightrambler

    we did check in called the 800 number
  7. TheShark

    Yep- Yep
  8. Chesapeakechuck

    I still think we ought to organize something to mess with their heads and illustrate just how fucking ridiculous the current 'go to the police dock and play with your tallywacker 'till it falls off while you wait for us to show-up' deal is. We ought to get about twenty boats together in a big fucking line (lots of beer, of course) and give those speds a workout some saturday when the fishing is a bit slow....

    Yeah, I'd love to see that fleet I saw yesterday all checking in at customs......they'd still be going through that line!gunz :mad: cow
  9. midnightrambler

    Chuck i can remember the last time i fucked with the feds, i ended up winning the battle but the run around sucks. they can give you the run around all day.
  10. Whippet Good

    That is exactly what you do not want to do ........ there is so much that we do not know / these guys are overwhelmed with leads and security issues.....

    I have talked to several of them / what we need to do is cooperate...


  11. Miss Yoly

    Just remember they're government employee's. After 8 hours they can be relieved and go home, not you Chuckie once you get in that line. Hell, they can make it down right miserable for you. Ask Boiler Maker about last year when he got stopped. His kid had to piss and wasn't allowed of the boat until it was cleared. About the beer thing. Think about where the hell you're at. Harbor POLICE Docks Dah.

    Face it. They got you until things can be changed like the speed lane at the border. Trust me. You have more to lose and at the end of the day they go home and tell their neighbors about the dumb shit boaters that wouldn't comply with the law and how they took their boat away.