Custom Troll Rod

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Katana, Dec 29, 2004.

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  1. Katana

    Hey All...

    Is this rod any good? This is what they're claiming.

    Custom designed. If you wanted the looks and feel of a V-ROD but didn't want to spend upwards of $330.00 for a 50lb class rod, look no further. This fast tapered E-glass Rod includes an all aluminum removable Uni-butt from Pacific Bay Int., US Patented SF roller guides from butt to tip, and a leather style fore-grip. The Black/Red/Gold Diamond Wrap is designed to compliment the International, etc... Gold reels. The 60-100lb Class fast- tapered blank is medium action to allow a maximum diversification of line classes. This way it is just as much fun to pull in a 40lb Bull Mahi as it will be for that monster Blue Fin.
    Rod length: 6' 0" (measured with the strait butt attached), Disassembled from the butt it is 56.5"

    Bonus: The rod comes with its own dual compartment protective canvas bag and rubber gimbal cover as seen in the picture

  2. Papa "J"

    are these on ebay? I think I have seen them before. I don't know much about the rods but if it's the same guy it seemed like a good deal, depending on the price you can get them for.

    I'm thinking the guy gave a pretty good warranty with them as well. (if it's the same guy.
  3. el Toro

    Its probably a fine rod, but IMO, who wants that thing? Leather grips? Looks like some East Coast rich guy fag rod. It belongs on some snob's yacht in the Hamptons. You probably have to hold your nose high in the air just to use it. Katana, come on bro, aint nothin' wrong with our good old Calstar and Seekers for a trolling rod. Stick to West coast style. Those guys back there use wierd shit.
  4. midnightrambler

    Nate you need to remember Paul has style, he likes that east coast fag looking stuff :)

    Paul listen to Nate stick to west coast style rods
  5. Katana

    Damn It NATE..... Why'd you go and say sheeeettt like that???? ;) :) :)
    .... ruined my whole surprise....
    I was gonna get a pair of these for the MidnightRambler.
    I thought it would go well with the GOLD the MR has onboard... :jo: :jo: :FU: :) :) :)
  6. byeye

    Yeah, gotta hate that east coast stuff used for pulling up 600+lb BFT. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  7. ZZZZZ

    I have pulled on one, not sure which rating. One of those was raffled off on a 3 day Legend/Albackore charter I took in August. The one I saw had I think all gold wrap. Kinda funny with parts breaking down. I would not buy one. Yah Calstar Seeker look no further.

    Some weird stuff over there and the sales pitch is like SO East Coast. LOL (said in my best dorky soooooooo voice)