Custom Stainless Sink. Just over 11' long

Discussion in 'General Fishing Crap' started by bass_blaster, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. bass_blaster

    Got this from a friend who's a plumber with the intention of putting it in my garage for fish-cleaning and other fishing related crap. After two years of having it sit in there it's time to let it go. I don't really have the space and also don't keep that many fish that I catch so I really don't have a need for a sink this massive.

    It was custom built for my friend and I'm not sure how long he had it but it is lightly used. Very good shape and I can clean it up before you pick it up if you're interested in it. These things aren't cheap and this one is really nice quality.

    It has a 15" bowl and two 24" x 24" basins.

    Asking price is $2300 and I'm located in La Mesa.

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  2. bass_blaster

    Bump. Make an offer. 2300 OBO.
  3. bass_blaster

    Bump. $2,000 OBO?
  4. bass_blaster

    Bump bump.

    OBO. Make an offer, you never know what might get accepted.
  5. Blackfish

    You should post this in a restaurant web forum. That is a bad ass sink, and i bet it would sale under "used restaurant equipment"

    Good luck.I wish I had a use for it.
  6. Fishybuzz

    You could contact one o the fish processing outfits...they may be interested...
  7. bass_blaster

    Good ideas. Thanks guys.
  8. Marcus

    Mike killer sink but you might have a hard time selling it at that price. There's a used restaurant supply place in La Mesa called Coast Restaurant Supply. You could see if they'll buy it or get an idea on pricing.

    I bought my sink and prep table there for $125. Granted mine isn't as nice as yours is though.

    Good luck with the sale.
  9. bass_blaster

    Was your's stainless? Once I sell this I'd be interested in getting a smaller one that will fit better in my garage. I'll check out the restaurant place you recommended. Thanks.

    In terms of value I've called a few places that make them and also priced them online and for a completely welded sink with 3 basins and back-splash with rail going around the sides the lowest price I found for a brand new one was $4K. I thought anywhere from $1500 to $2000 would be fair but we'll see, maybe my head is in the clouds. Thanks anyways guys.
  10. Marcus

    Mine is a NSF stainless table with sink. I don't have a high backsplash (I'm adding a trx backsplash and sealing it with silicone. I also don't have a lip. When I was looking to buy mine I decided not to get the lip as it made filleting fish more difficult.

    Here is the link to mine. I have since added a garbage disposal and plumbed it into a clean out on the outside of the house.

    I love it and the wife does too since I no longer clean fish in the kitchen anymore.
  11. bass_blaster

  12. Marcus

    I can understand that.

    One thing to think about is that they will stink and no matter how hard you try you will get blood and fish bits everywhere. It will probably stink up your garage. With mine outside I don't have to worry about the smell if I drop some pieces of fish.

    If you don't get it sold I know of a mission in MX that could use it. Even get ya a tax receipt.