Custom 24' Skipjack

Discussion in 'Check Out My Boat' started by ?? fisherman, Jul 20, 2005.

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  1. ?? fisherman

    ATTENTION: This boat is now for sale as of 5/21/07....... more details on page 2

    SALE PENDING 6/13/07

    Well ive been pondering over selling my boat for over two years now and still cant make up my fricken mind as I trully love this boat and the thought of selling it kinda kills me, but certain situations and needs may make me do so, but who knows and as of now im still keeping her!

    This boat has been a hobby of love for me and I am constantly searching for ideas to make the boat more unique and functionable as well.

    I have done a bunch of starboard work recently and still have more to do as well as numerous other projects, but $$ being a bit tight and a spunky 4 year old have slowed things down quite a bit lately for me, and I figured I better post up some pics I took of her today incase I do get the nerve to sell her, but I gotta say getting her out on the water today with my wife & daughter was an absolute blast which makes that decision all the tougher.

    Custom stainless work thruout, with custom welded rails, custom stainless swing down arch (although I never swing it down), custom stainless bait tank rod holders, custom stainless step ladder/flybridge grab rails & rod holders as well as a bitchen bow pulpit & swimstep.

    Old wooden steps taken off and replaced with Starboard (Gawd I love that stuff!!) as well as the lower cockpit sideboards and flybridge side panells, with work still in progress as I plan on redoing the entire cabin door and molding surrounding it

    Stainless rod holders on bait tank and tank lid soon to be redone in starboard.

    another view of bait tank as well as the new starboard sideboards that not only serve as storage for dock lines/gaffs/you name it, but also function as very usefull toe holds when battling fish in sloppy conditions.

    Some inside shots.
    The inside cuddy of these 24' Skippys are just HUGE and have tons and tons of storage!!

    Fridge & Tackle drawers


    Huge V berth


    More storage



    The unknown fisherman :p
  2. Kurt

    That thing is nice! You really have put it together well.
  3. Swazi

    Very nice indeed. That starboard work looks great. What is she powered by?
  4. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Nice boat, I feel your pain Bro, I want a bigger boat but I'm having trouble putting my Skippy up for sale
  5. Saluki

    She looks beautiful Mike.

    Damn nice lookin boat!
  6. Captain Curt

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeet ride. That thing would make any skippy owner proud.


    The boat Hanna...........
  7. midnightrambler

    wow that boat looks awsome
  8. Razorback


    Do anything you can to keep her - unless you're moving up?

    I'm miserable w/o my skiff. But those kids have a way of shifting your priorities. :food-smil
  9. UnReel

    Dont do it. That is a bitchen ride indeed and would be very very hard to replace. If you did though I'm sure it would sell in a second. I'm kind hurting $$$ wise as well but would never sell the ride, would sell my truck first :). Anyway , hope it works out for you and you get to keep her.

    p.s great pics of the ride !!!!! We need to have a BD skipjack jamboree ;) :D.
  10. Mots

    Really nice boat Mike, as said above. DON'T DO IT!!!!!!
  11. sealskinner

    Very nice work on the Skip. But do what you gotta do bro. The family always comes first.
  12. neversink2

    Great lookin skippy!!! I like the hand rails along the side... funny I just did the startboard thing and coaming pads also. I haven't got to the bridge yet.

    I like the bow pulpit/anchor setup you have.... it would be great to add a bridge operated windlass, but you would have to switch to that other tipe of rhode that takes up less space since the skippy chain lockers are fairly shallow.

    Oh, and don't you dare sell her!!! It takes waaaay too much time, $$ and effort to get a boat in that kind of shape!!!!

    Your pics make me want to clean all the crap out of my cabin!~
  13. UnReel

    Mike , if you dont mind me asking who did the padding around the inside of the rail and how much did it cost?? Looking to do the same to mine.
  14. Weazel

    Mike, don't sell it!! My old man was really strapped for cash when my brother and I were kids but he always had a boat (parents working 2 jobs). We had such a blast growing up and sharing time on the water as a family. We'd take small family vacations where we'd spend a couple of days fishing and just relaxing on the water. He put the fishing bug in me when I was very young and I am greatful for it. DON'T DO IT MAN!!!
  15. reelhoojup

    sick boat
  16. Skipjack 25

    That has to be the nicest 24 I have ever seen. Love the new windows, make's the bridge look so much cleaner. You should be proud of all the work. First Class!

    25 Skipjack
  17. Reel Crazy

    Very nice!! If I had a bigger vehicle to tow it with I'd upsize to a 26' Skippy.
  18. Punkfish

    Nice...........Looking to put some time and $ into mine, probably at the end of the summer, thanks for the ideas!! It's just so damn hard to not run it, can find time to fish, but no time to shut it down for a few months! decisions, decisions!

  19. ?? fisherman

    Wow you guys are making this decision even tougher!! LOL

    As it stands right now I dont plan on getting rid of her, but it seems that I am constantly changing my mind from month to month.

    One thing is for certain, if I did sell her I wouldnt be without a boat for too long but I definetely would not be moving up although it would be nice! To be honest what I would probably do is get myself a little CC somewhere in the range of 18 - 21 and fully cherry it out and then start doing a bunch of Baja Road trips and fish the shit out of it both here and in mex as well as many other spots. Its kinda funny but for some strange reason I really dig chassing fish in small boats at times although my body tends to disagree at the end of the day, and it really is nice to have a place to kick it and crash when the search for tuna is slow or while heading out to the grounds or back home........... definite pros and cons to both types of boats.

    Swazi~ The boat is powered by a 280 hp Indmar (gas) that was installed brand new 4 years ago and has had very very little use, as it seems I have been fishing other peoples boats quite a bit lately.

    Beta~ I did the coaming pads myself with a plywood backing and then bought the material at UFO (Upholstery Fabric Outlet), if you do plan on doing it yourself then make sure you use stainless staples when stapling the pad to the back of the wood. The funny thing is mine are still in really good shape but I am actually wanting to have them done profesionally as I really like the way the ones look on Captamb1 sick 25' fisherman. Once you have them you will wonder how you ever got along without them!

    Just to clarify, this is indeed the 24' Skippy and not the 25' or 26' flybridge, and the side windows on mine serve no pupose other than for looks as I wanted my 24' to look a little different and unique.

    Thanks again guys!

    The unknown fisherman :p
  20. Paisan

    She's a primo boat, great work.

    Where did you get the starboard for the ladder steps? Did those come pre-made or did you cut them out and groove them?