Crowley 10/21

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by Steve K, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. Steve K

    And again last Sunday. No Browns, but a few nice Rainbows to 3 lbs. Heading to Bridgeport this weekend for maybe the last trip of the season. Weather is iffy this weekend and is going to try to storm on us next weekend. Hoping for a few trophies and really enjoy the time on the water behind my favorite steering wheel. I'll get back to you on Monday.

    Made a quick trip up the hill to fish a few hours today. I launched at 10:30 and pulled out about 3:30. I caught one or two on the trolled wooly worm and a jointed Rapala and then at about 20 minutes til 2:00, the wind came up just right. I was working the area in the main channel up between Six Bays and Alligator with a size 9 black/gold Rapala on leadcore. They started to bite and I managed to catch and release several Browns. Half and half smallish ones and nicer ones up to two pounds. 20 minutes after 2:00 they stopped biting. It was great when it went off.

    The outfit I use for trolling the fly is a lightweight 6'6" graphite rod and 15 lb leadcore on a 6500C3 reel. It's got a 6 lb leader and it's an absolute thrill with a nice fish. The one I got on this outfit was about a two and a half pound rainbow and really put up a good fight, making some good jumps trying to throw the hook.

    Back home in time to watch game one.

    Only one more weekend to fish Crowley and then they close the gates, but the season remains open until November 15th. Good time to head for Bridgeport and fish the Reservoir.
  2. Mot's Sr.

    Way to go Steve, glad you had a good day man. I've got to get back up there one time before the end of the season.