crosby blackmouth derby

Discussion in 'Washington Fishing Tournaments' started by silver slayer, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. silver slayer

    the crosby derby is set for april 20th for those of you that know where area 12 is.
    anyways tickets $20
    1st $500,
    2nd $300,
    3rd $150,
    $100 mystery fish,
    $50 first fish weighed in.
    weigh in at mysery point boat launch daylight to 2:30 pm. awards and prize drawing will be given at crosby community club beginning at 6:30.
    there will be a $1 raffle for a badass custom DR rod and gaff again this year.
    all proceeds go to crosby community club.

    tickets for sale at defiance tackle, sportmans warehouse, seabeck general store or get ahold of me and i will get em to you.

    anyone that would like to help with the party please let me know. mostly just need people for bbq'n food and frying fish as i am pretty sure i will be shitfaced by then since the derby landed on my b-day this year.

    see u ladies out there :finger:
  2. silver slayer

    just recieved some cool stuff from qcove for the prize drawing
    defiance also donated a pile of stuff again

    thanks guys!
  3. Mad Impulse

    Josh put me down for $20 in Raffle tickets..
  4. silver slayer

    bring your money with ya tickets will be sold at the party and maybe at the launch. we got burgers and a fish fry going for the party. heard a familiar face might be playin some music and lots of good stuff for the prize raffle.

    and a reminder swing by defiance and pick up your gear and a derby ticket today. we will be picking them up around 4 or so today. if any of you are late get ahold of me and we can hook up for tickets
  5. DaKanati

    Awesome showing by a bunch of Great locals and thanks for all the effort in putting together a great derby! Oh ya, Congrats to silver slayer for first fish weighed and #3rd place with a 13 pounder!
  6. silver slayer

    hell ya good times. quite the birthday derby for us it was a beautiful day and some good fishin
  7. Larson Painting

    Great job Josh! way to represent the local Kitsap/Mason group. :hali_olutta: