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  1. fishinden

    I fished the Cowlitz out of a drift boat Dec.16,17&18. The river was at flood stage with about 1 foot of visability. Thur.& Fri. we floated Blue Creek to Massey bar, Sat. we floated from the barrier dam to blue creek.NO CHRISTMAS STEELHEAD. Saturday the fish checker had seen 4 fish for 16 boats all sleds, but us. He also saw 6 fish for bank fishermen. There are fish in the river just bad conditions. Fast dirty water, I guess from Mayfield Dam.
  2. baja kid

    Dennis ,
    Thanks for the report. I was at the mouth of Blue creek lask weekend only 4 of us fishing one guy left with a summer run and one winter run around #8lbs i never touched a fish. But did see two chromers in the creek itself on the way out.
    Any day it should lite up . Happy holidays hope santa gives you a nice iron head for Christmas.
  3. rockwithfish

    Sorry about the trip Denny, we'll do better next time! Rock with fish.
  4. fishinden

    Darrell; no big deal happens to everybody sometime.