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Discussion in 'Winged Hunting Reports' started by TROB, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. TROB

    im gettin all settled in up here in Idaho and we have gotten some good shoots. Still waiting for migrators to show up though. I've always hunted at Wister, so to get some wide open public water and no crowds is a completely different ballgame for me. anyways, here's some shots.










  2. aeon

    Nice dude! It's cool having public land options with no line huh. It will wreck you for hunting the refuges. Hurry up and freeze would ya, we need the birds down here
  3. TROB

    i know it. shit, it was 70 and sunny for yesterdays shoot. Temps are dropping over the next 10 days (50's-60), so hopefully it keeps going down.
  4. widgeon

    Nice work! Looks like you're getting a nice variety of birds.
  5. Sluester

    I wouldn't know how to do things if there wasn't any competition.
  6. Carl

    Right on!
  7. Rubberhook2

    Liking the wood ducks...
  8. Ali Admin

    Right on.
  9. TROB

    thanks guys.

    47 is the high today....about time.
  10. Vermonster

    Very nice! Cool photos!
  11. sportyg

    Great job, and no lines must be sweet....
  12. TROB

    shot today. a lot of northern birds moved in. Was about 20F in the morning. you guys should see some more birds this weekend.

    got home to see this little gem from the porch.

  13. Mikieb

    Very nice, thanks for pushing me that much closer to hunting again.
  14. Jason Admin

    Get it wired so when we come up you can guide :).
  15. One Track

    I gotta move!
  16. TROB

    there havent been many ducks out front, but after seeing a couple yesterday, i went out for an hour this evening. ended up with 2gh, 500yd from the house. stoked.
    Had a few groups of geese come by at 60 yards, and hundreds at about 100 a couple groups of high flyers to circle a few times but they were on a mission.
    this kayak thing is pretty awesome. im a fan.



  17. widgeon

    Way to throw down on them green heads T. Carry on.
  18. TROB

    from friday, i think. (buddy's wife got the 3 extras)

    expecting a cold front with snow tomorrow, so i think ill be out there.

  19. rooster707

    Nice shooting tommy! Nice to have those ducks close to the house i bet. Hows that yak holding up?
  20. widgeon

    Ducks and long-tails in one day! Throw in some quail and you've got a tri-fecta. :rockin:

    Keep up the good work and the posts.