Costa Rica report 1/10

Discussion in 'Panama & Central America Fishing Reports' started by Thums up, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Thums up

    Just talked to some of our crew. The fishing this week has been getting better and better. We are averaging 10-12 sails and day and up to a couple shots at marlin everyday. There are also some dolphin and wahoo mixed in. As this year starts to fill up we are now excepting bookings for 09' with a 10%discount if you put down your deposit by Feb 28, 2008. Tight lines!
  2. Rob C

    Who is the Capt. of the Rose Maria? Nice boat.
    Rob C
  3. Thums up

    Jay's the capt., I see your Texas and so is he. Do you know him?
  4. Rob C

    Crazy, Jay!!! Yes I fished w/ him a few times. Great capt. Tell him Rob from Houston said hi. I thought he had the only B28 down there, GREAT boat for your area. I wish I could take my boat over there, no fun here having to run 60 miles to fish. I am going to Quepos to fish w/ some friends Feb 14 might have to come over and have a few cold ones w/ Y'All. Good luck w/ the charters, Gaviotas(sp) is one bad ass lodge. Hope to see y'all soon.
    Rob C
  5. Thums up

    That's is crazy Jay. All 6' + of him. He teamed up with us last season and is doing pretty good. Feel free to stop on down. I have his phone PM me for it and I will pass it on. In the future if you fish Quepos we can send him up with the boat. He will travel if it 3 days fishing or more. Great guy! Have a good one...Greg
  6. Rob C

    I would like to be fishing Golfito better than Quepos but that is where my friend will be. Tell jay and Jessica, Rob and Sara said Hi.
    Rob C