Costa Rica and Panama trip

Discussion in 'Panama & Central America Fishing Reports' started by squirtis, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. squirtis

    Oh boy what a blast. did not fish much in costa as even the panga guys are getting 350-450 for a half day in January:finger: :finger:

    Got some great surf there though and drank my head off:cheers: :cheers:

    After Costa Rica came Panama and although the surf was flat we did get some nice fishing in. On a Panga with no electronics or live well we caught the following fish all within 500 yds of the beach:

    A couple of Dodo's on a small pink and white bullet head tuna feather, jack's galore, and the snapper's on Rapala's deep divers. Sierra Mackarel on clark spoons, and some wierd alligator gar looking fish thing. Awesome trip, cannot wait to go back.

    Costa Rica and Panama001.JPG Costa Rica and Panama089.JPG Costa Rica and Panama113.JPG Costa Rica and Panama122.JPG Costa Rica and Panama126.JPG Costa Rica and Panama140.JPG Costa Rica and Panama130.JPG
  2. lilharcher

    Sweet.......looks like some good times.
  3. TsTime

    Going in June to Pedasi, never been. Is this where you were at??
  4. Jason Admin

    Where's the surf pics?
  5. paralabrax

    Nice trip curtis, I gotta get down there soon
  6. Babu


    Just 21 moore days!
  7. ZZZZZ

    Nice Cubera. Dam look at that coast line :rockin:

    350-450 half day, dang come see me, we go for cheap

    11 days :D Seeyah there babu :High_Five
  8. squirtis

    Hey Brad, will defintely look you up eventually, wanna go surf down there as well.

  9. Az.monkey

    cool pics Curtis :cheers:
  10. GUERO

    looks like a great trip bro, great pics
  11. Babu

    This was shot in front of the hotel I'm staying at TODAY.
    20 days!

  12. squirtis

    surf pics added...

    Costa Rica and Panama158.JPG Costa Rica and Panama182.JPG
  13. squirtis

    more from this trip as well as one from last years

    Costa Rica and Panama180.JPG Costa Rica and Panama204.JPG
  14. bertram31

    Thanks for the pics Curtis. Nice clean break.

  15. bradmaralbacore

    costa rica, my second favorite place in the world to BOLA.

  16. squirtis

    another shot of Panama from last year..

    panama surf photo 1.jpg
  17. Tailman

    I will be down there April 6th to the 18th for my son,s wedding !! Fishin a couple days near quepos !!:)
  18. squirtis

    Good Luck man....April ios a good month all around!!!