Coronados 4/28

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by stanky1, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. stanky1

    We heard reports of yellows at the Coronados and Rockpile, so off we went. We arrived at Pukey Pt at grey light after a bumpy ride down due to a short period swell. We looked for meter marks, looked for birds, and looked for boils. Not much of anything. We also tried middle grounds and the south island kelp. We trolled rapalas, yo-yo'd, and threw iron. Nothing. No fish pens or Mex Navy either.

    We were the only boat down there until the Aloha showed up around 0900. Maybe it was the Alicia. My eyes suck. No wonder we didn't get any fish.

    Water was clear, but cold at 59 degrees.

    We left around 10:30 so we would beat the wind on the ride home.

    I hope La Jolla was better.
  2. osidefishin

    At least you gave it a shot...Just imagine if they were there how sweet it would have been to have a nice bite all to your self...Hope you get em next time..
  3. rza007

    Yellows eat brunch on the weekends. 11-3 with bottomless mimosas.
  4. Lucky B

    Did you go down to Rockpile?
  5. stanky1

    No. I figured it was going to be just as cold and even bumpier down there. We never saw any boats heading that way, except the Aloha (or Alicia) might have gone down for a look.
  6. nvanderdussen

    Just curious about if you have the Mexican visa for everyone on your boat? If so did you get that at Dana landing and how did that work.

    Thanks. I haven't taken my boat to Mexico since this whole visa thing. Haven't even purchased Mexican fishing licenses yet. Trying to figure out if it is worth all the hassle!
  7. sitonmyface

    I was down at the pile this morning. 57.9 no fish
  8. krazy karl

    Thanks for the report. Should have checked the rock pile out!
  9. stanky1

    We had our passports but no visas; yet another reason we didn't go farther south.
  10. rex

    Way to scout it out thanks for the info
  11. Troy

    Thanks. Scheduled to head to Rockpile today for pm session on a buddy's boat. Appreciate the report.
  12. phingst

    Next time, thanks for reporting