Corona lake 12-11-09

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by JAG107, Dec 11, 2009.

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  1. JAG107

    So I went to Corona today, and was not disappointed! Only 6 boats on the lake and a handful of shoreliners, it was very peaceful. Got there around 9, had 2 nice trout by 10:30 near the dam in my boat. Decided to troll @11:30, caught myself about 20,000 yards of old line, branches, and a complete 8' rod with a 6 bearing reel! :Shocked:
    Lots of fun though, got my limit, biggest trout was 16" (2 of them, didn't bother to weigh in), also got a 26" sturgeon! Wow was that a fight! Everything bit on gulp chunky cheese or chunky chartreuse soaked with nitro gravy, tried like hell with mini jigs and all sorts of lures but that got me nothing. Seems like most of my luck here happens on the dough. I wish the trolling was better, I had high hopes since this was the first time I had open lanes to pull the metal around. Oh well...
    I'd post pics but I'm short on time.
    I saw the stocking vid last night and I decided I had to go today no matter what, and even though I didn't land a toad, it was great fun nevertheless.
  2. Surfdoc

    Congrats on some trout and a sturgeon..

    What do the sturgeon eat in Corona lake ???????

    Man do I feel old.............I remember fishing for trout with Pautzke salmon eggs and if ya wated to go exotic. Velvetta.

    Damn new age shit........can't even get my HDTV to work in HD.

    My daughter moved in and informed me of this. :(
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  3. One_Leg

    I watched them stock yesterday and only a few people caught much along the shore for the next couple hours. Unfortunately it was pretty slow for most of the day. I had to leave early and didn't see if the bite turned on before closing time. At this time the low water makes it harder to fish in a boat. They discourage trolling there, probably due to the lakes small size and shallow depth and inumerable snags. Stumps are sticking up all over the place on the south end of the lake. You should try some minnow imitators. There is a LOT of junk in the water right now. At about noon I noticed my rod getting tapped more gently than usual so I removed it from the holder, thought I felt a small fish and then reeled it in until I saw my lure tangled with another line. I was thinking, "Oh great, why me?". I pulled it in and realized it was actually tangled on some old line. I untangled my lure and let it back behind the boat while I continued to handline in the mess of line I had snagged. The line I had snagged had a beautiful dink trout that had to be only 1 lb. still on it and it was still very lively. I didn't actually didn't catch it so I cut the line one inch from his mouth and let the lucky little bugger go on his merry way. We caught limits with a few real nice slabs too. I got a nice lil' silvery LMB on a Firetiger Frenzy crankbait in the morning.

    Glad you got em out there too. Was the rod/reel salvagable?
  4. JAG107

    Well, the rod is probably trash, but I think I can clean up the shakespeare reel. I'll mess with it later. Nice going with the lmb, I haven't seen many of those caught since the water cooled off. It's down to 51-52 now, cooler than I expected.
    I fully stay away from that snaggy muddy south end, maybe thats where the lunkers hang out, I dunno. Today driving by @1pm, I saw a ton of egrets hanging out on the forest of exposed stumps. Most everyone was fishing the dam yesterday, incl. me. My fish finder was virtually blank while trolling the middle of the lake and east shore.
  5. GRUNT0369

    thinking of hitting up the lake Mon the 20th anyone planning on going. First trip of the year with my son and want to get him on fish. thanks
  6. fishnfool

    Take him to Skinner. They stock tomorrow. Ramp 2 early you have a shot at Striper first thing in the morning. White, white, white, swimbaits, (MC, Fish Traps, etc.) Did I say white? Scrounger heads and small, (3"), WHITE flukes also working for the Stripers. Big swimbaits, too if you got 'em. Saw a pic of a 27 plus caught there today. Guess what size/color. LOL Good luck.