Corona Lake 11-01

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing' started by JAG107, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. JAG107

    Not too bad today, I had 5 bows, a 2.5lb cat, and a LMB reeled in by noon. 10 bows total between 3 of us, all caught on PB. The lures, jigs and worms were not happening today for some reason, so we drifted PB instead. Good fighting trout today! No lunkers, but fun enough anyway. I'll be back for sure when they stock the bigger tailwalkers.
  2. wsbkiller

    Nice, very nice. Looks like great weather too.
  3. Joedaplumber

    beats working 4 a living

    any day on the water is a good day !!!
  4. samgann93

    thankxs for the report. ill be there tomorrow.
  5. One_Leg

    Joey, congrats to you and thanks for the post/pics.
  6. JAG107

    Good luck samgan. If you're boating, try the east shore. Lots of action over there today. From the shore, some good action between the dam and launch ramp.
  7. samgann93

    ya ill be on a tube. thanks for the info
  8. HTA

    We were there today and it was on fire towards the shallows (6-8 ft) straight across from the boat docks. Drop shot power worms and mini jigs in the chartruse colors picked them off pretty good with a few on powerbait as usual. We bagged our ten that went 25 1/2 lbs and got home before lunch. Glad to see so many had a good day of fishing.