Corona Lake 1/16/10

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by CamHat, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. CamHat

    My little brother and I took our float tubes to corona lake last Saturday for a day of trout fishing. We were fishing powerworms and mini-jigs. It seemed like the all white mini jigs and the orange and green powerworms were doing pretty well. It was steady pickings on trout all day. Then, toward the end, my little bro caught this nice fat crappie.
    Ended the day with 9 trout and 1 crappie that ended up being right around 3lbs. All of the trout were in the 1-3lb range.

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  2. One_Leg

    Nice to know that they have stopped stocking the 1 to 3 lb'ers!

    That crappie looks a lot like the 2 lb. slabs we were catching a while back.

    Thanks for the report and pic.
  3. CamHat

    Sorry, but I made a typo. At first I typed "No trout were over 3lbs", but then I changed it to "All trout were 1-3lbs", but left the "No" part in the transition. The Crappie was just under 3lbs.
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  4. One_Leg

    Right on Cam!!! Good thing you got out there before the floods.
  5. CamHat

    Does it get pretty flooded there?
  6. One_Leg

    It will probably be full before the month is over, if not sooner!
  7. CamHat

    That's good, it was looking kinda low.
  8. JAG107

    It's full as of friday and today, and spilling like crazy.
    MUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYY as hell too, can't see an INCH in the water, which of course meant NO bites for ANYONE all day. Well, 2 fish caught all day that I know of is pretty bad for the hype this place gets.