Corb the pinup model

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by fishtacomag, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. fishtacomag

    Sorry if this has already been posted but just got my 2009 Sportfishing Calendar from Bill Roecker and Corb looks to be Mr. March. He is holding up a nice yellowtail caught on the RRIII. Congrats big boy.
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  2. @-EZ

    It was posted a couple/few weeks ago.
  3. sdangler

    He's kinda cute for a BIG Gurl!
  4. The Bushman

    At least he's not "swimming" in this one! Congrats Corb....March fish of the month!!!
  5. boswell

    Nice goin, guero.
  6. Jaydog

    Do you know Corb? Do you really think he'd let this moment of fame get by us? Helllls NO. Corb did kill it on that trip though I sure am going to miss him this year.
  7. GUERO

    thanks for the props Shawn
    I'll autograph that one for you at FHS this year
  8. rza007

    pinche guero guey
  9. GUERO

    watch it pal
  10. sealskinner

    Corbs a sexy bitch.

    Hey ,I know that dude,congrats Corb
  12. GUERO

    S'up Mr. Shaw?????
  13. Hara_san

    Im just glad I know a celebrity now...Hey corb since you are vince I'll be johnny drama
  14. Saluki

    I'd hit it.
  15. GUERO


    I'm more like Turtle, you can be E
  16. F15hK1ll3r

    they couldent even give them away at longfin..
  17. barracuda Killer

    now you know why I sold his ass
  18. F15hK1ll3r

    good thing you sold him while you did, the Corb market has crashed dramatically.
  19. Jaydog

    Damn this kids calling your ass out Corb.LOL
  20. Gypsea

    So? Where's the pic? Are you wearing the pink thong Corb? Bow chicka bow bow!