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Discussion in 'Washington State' started by Stumpy, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. Stumpy

    I promised to post a picture of the 2 new Silver Horde spoons that were all the rage at the PSA SnoKing Blackmouth Derby.
    Here They Are!
    We were lucky enough to do some test fishing as a club with these new products. I think they are going to be available in stores sometime in the next couple weeks.

    Cookies & Cream is the first picture.

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  2. Omega3

    Have a hard time switching from a straight up Army Truck. It seems like every month there is a new popular color a few years ago it was Purple Haze, couple years ago it was white lightning, last year it was cotton candy and now Cookies and Cream. I have fished them all and my Army Truckk seems to out fish them all, coho killers, king fishers, sonic edge and needlefish. Honestly do you really catch more on all these new colors? I don't care what color it is if it is presented correctly in front of a hungry blackmouth they are going to take anything.
  3. Omega3

    The only exception might be the new coho killer "blackmouther". This puts more fish than any of them in the box. It is a uv version of the army truck.
  4. TanTastic84

    Thank you for the pictures! I will be making a trip over to Silver Horde on wednesday morning to pick a couple of these bad boys up. Not to mention a couple packs of hoochies. I got the shakes boys! Cant get enough of that fishing stuff!!!
  5. Alaska4me

    Wheer is the silver horde dealer locally? I am in Tacoma and a road trip sounds like a hell of a good idea.
  6. RowVsWade ya go................
    Silver Horde Fishing Supplies

    20910 63rd Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036
    (425) 778-2640
  7. Stumpy

    Here is why these spoons are so good! Quoting my friend Nelson,

    "It is a new process using a new type of UV on one side. First the base color is put down (white lightning),followed by the screened silver fishscale, then the color (black or green) all overcoated with the UV clear. The back is glow EX. Best of both worlds with UV on one side and glow EX on the other."

    He also told me that most of the local dealers should have them in the next few days. I heard there may have been a shipment to OE this morning. You may want to call them first.
    In our blackmouth derby these spoons accounted for many of the fish caught.
    Good Luck out there!
  8. cj6530

    I heard if you put any type of gel based scent on UV coated lures you lose the UV effect. Is this true?
  9. paydirt68

    I heard Tom Nelson from Salmon U (of which I am alumni) talk about this at one of my SKC PSA meetings a few years back.

    He basically said we do no have enough fish here to actually test gear like this. In Alaska or up north in the Frazier R., fisheries like that offer the multitudes of fish to actually document the differences.

    Most of the time I think these new shades and colors are best at catching more fisherman. I know that my buddy at Jim's Jigs used to say the same thing too.

    Best thing is to go with what you know AND what works best for the little area you are fishing around here.

    Tom has properly field tested it and says it works, you better darned well believe it.

  10. Looks like all the other spoons that are already on the market.
  11. David, if you haven't noticed the product they support most on Salmon U is always silver horde. Not sure in there is a marketing relationship, but it sure seems that way to me.
  12. Cornfed

    Tim - How do you like the sickle hooks? Have you been using those for your hoochies and/or bait as well? Anybody carry them?
  13. Hoghunter

    The sickle hooks work great in my opinion Tommy. There was a batch made that were brittle and broke in the bend. I never had any of those but heard about them. I fish them on my spoons, hoochies and mooching gear. They seem to hold a fish better than a regular octopus hook.
  14. Cornfed

    Thanks for the input, Jeff. Where do you buy them?
  15. Omega3

    I buy them from Todd at Rvrfsh rvrfshr - Specialty steelhead tackle... Correct in design..

    5/0 Sickle Octopus for squids, 2/0 sickle siwash for coho killers, 3/0 all other spoons. You need to bend the coho killers a bit more to compensate for the extra weight of the hook, they are a heavier the Gami's and won't have the correct action without the extra bend.
  16. Titan

    3 Rivers Marine carries them. You can also get them online.
  17. Hoghunter

    Ditto above at Riverfisher or you can also get them here:
    Captain Hook's Discount Warehouse
  18. Stumpy

    Hi Tommy,
    I love the sickle hooks! I think Silver Horde is putting them on all their spoons. I bought the hooks alone (Matsuo)sp? at Ted's in Lynnwood. He tells me they are a bit tough to get. I have been changing out all my spoons and putting a swivel between the spoon and hook while I am out fishing (tends to put the bite on when things are a bit slow out there) The swivel is one of Captain Downriggins tips and I think it makes a big difference. I use smaller hooks, (I think they are 1/0 might be 2/0) on the coho killers due to the weight. I use them on hoochies too (5/0) . I think they hold the fish better too. Omega 3 pretty much hits it on the head.
    Anyone heading out this week?
  19. tacklejacked

    Pretty looking spoons, but I have a few that look like those already. All be it probably a little different manufacturing process.

    And CJ, I have heard that gel scent blocks the UV. You just need to watch where you put your scent. I just put it on my hooks and some times run it along my leader. I try and never put it directly on my lure.

    And speaking of hooks I used the sickle hooks all this last season and love them as well. Pretty much dito on Omega and Stumpy for size/lure combintation. Even tried some 6/0 on my hoochies. Great hook ups, not many misses and they keep a nice sharp point.

    I found some last year at the Whorehouse, havn't checked recently though.
  20. Irish Rogue

    Love the hooks, and Todd/Joe at RVRFSHR are great guys, local and get you your product FAST--a few times I got it next day, paying just the standard postal service rate--it helps that they're local!

    Finally, I think the 5/0's are *big* hooks, Personally I run 4/0's or 3/0's with my hoochies... The sizing of these sickle hooks seems a notch or two bigger than the equivalent gamakatsu octopus.