CONDOR CARNAGE big Dodo's, YF and Limits of YT AGAIN

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Tunahead, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. Tunahead

    Well I'm beginning to sound like a broken record but IT GOT BETTER!
    We rolled off the dock at 6pm Capt Scott,2nd Mike, Rob and Mike2
    on deck, Tad back in the gally and after bait, meeting it off pedal
    down for our start about 125mi south. Few paddys into the morn
    KAHWEEEE BIG Dorado 20-25 Rocked several of us, Norm got his,
    and Frank, I had a slab crowbarred my 700M for 15 mins only to jump
    and throw a circle hook OUCH! We picked off some yellows then
    once again we found THE ONE, the paddy of dreams, 100's of
    yellowtail all sizes and dorado CHARGED the boat, every rod all
    29 bent in a 30 minute non-stop blood bath RIPPER that filled
    the sacks until Scott yelled NO MAS!!! Take a break! Now time to
    let the deckhands tag some 150+ fish and into the brine hold, we
    headed for the warmer water temp break and hunt for TUNA. Only
    11am we had all day to look, the best part of these 1.5 day trips.
    HOOOOOOK-UPPPPPPP and it was game on, as several of us nailed
    some fat Yellowfin in the 20's after some kick butt action-FUN!
    More jigstrikes and paddys nailed even more big dorado, yellowfin,
    and to my suprise after dropping back a big dine on the slide a
    nice grade 18lb Yellowtail ( they're not all rats out here folks!)
    I mean damn, I'd have traded for a dodo or another yellowfin-geez!:rofl:
    All in all on a hot sunny day, this might have been the most fun
    trip of the whole season, even all summer. One thing for sure,
    some of us that have been out on Condor the last 3 weeks, have
    enough fish to last...until NEXT summer. LOL Even the mailman!
    All too soon the sun set into the ocean in a giant ball, and it was
    time to HIT the hot showers, wash off the blood and sit down to
    Tad's killer Chicken Teriyaki & Veggie Stir Fry killer dinner. WHEW!!
    **Scroll down a few posts for MORE PICS from Norm***

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  2. mbtuna

    Awesome timely report! Leaving for the landing in one hour for my trip tonight. Mmmmmm... DoDo.
  3. JollyMon

    Thanks for the report, heading to the landing in an hour myself. Going on the Condor partially because of your reports, thanks again!

  4. Tunahead

    GOOD LUCK TOMORROW GUYS! Now to bag and what the hell
    am I to do with all this fish???? LOL
  5. Got Wasabi

    Great report...My new favorite boat. Great skipper and crew. Work hard to get on the fish and make the customers happy. Great riding boat too.
  6. Tunaslam

    Sounds like a fantastic trip Ron, your on a roll, congrats!
  7. tossmeatuna

  8. Tunahead

    Well, you don't KNOW unless you GO Tommy!!
    (laughing while eating fresh grilled AHI for dinner) :rofl:
  9. Cribbg

    Ron, I added a few more photos to the mix. What an awesome trip. In addition to that epic fishing trip, (with a much better grade of fish), was.....the rush on those stops n kelps......with a super crew, and the other visuals that took place, thoughout the whole day.

    Check out that sunset......and Moon rising. Oh Yes!, that next pic IS the moon right at sunset about 6:45pm. The best of both worlds. Seems like the season is just beginning, not ending.

    Lots of sea life out there yesterday. Not only those dolphins putting on a couple of shows throughout the day (10-15' leaps) but that pod of humpback whales was rare, and a first for me. So glad I got a Yellowfin.

    Hopefully, there will be enough to do it again Mon. nite, as they are on the schedule again for next week. M-W-F nite.

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  10. tossmeatuna

    Good job and glad you had a great trip, thanks for sharing the pics.
  11. Tunahead

    Awsome pics Norm, and glad you enjoyed ALL of them Tommy!
    Those Humpback Whales were huge, pretty rare for this time
    of year and in these waters. Like I said you never know...
    Unless you GO! How fortunate we are to do so...time travelers!
  12. bajaspearo

    Bet this last another 2 weeks. Go get em.
  13. tunadoctor

    Hi Ron, nice meeting you on the trip. That was a great report. Thanks for posting some of those pics you took since I didn't bring my camera along. Hope to see you out there again soon.
  14. zanegrange2

  15. Tunahead

    The girlfriend of the boyfriend who BROUGHT HER FISHING! :rofl:
  16. Cribbg

    I forgot to mention, that dodo, as well as most of my Ytails, were on a mega bait or Dart, as they are called now. Single 8/0 hook, that I changed out from the store bought treble. Much easier to shake off fish, once aboard, and less chance of rippin' out.

    I must admit to losing 4 of those megas the last 2 wks. Sawed off from spectra, prop diving YT, and forgetting to re-tie after catching a few of em. Anyone know where I can buy a box of those cheap. Hahaha. Thanks Scott, for reminding me what I'm paying for those at the landing, and esp....your words of encouragement when I popped off another one. hahaha.

    I see he scrapped that trip Mon.....probably due to Halloween,.......anyone on for Weds yet?
    Tight Lines~Norm
  17. Cribbg

    I have a hunch that young couple w Dad, was probably on their 1st outer banks trip. Gotta learn sometime I guess.
    Observe, copy, then take action accordingly.
  18. Tunahead

    Yep no trip til Wednesday few bluefin again today per Scott. We'll see.LOL
    Had yellowfin last night and bluefin tonight for dinner. DAMN it's good!
  19. Cribbg

    Yes, I saw that for Weds. I did hear him say, they would probably have a mixed bag over 100+. Anxious to hear what was in it. I had dorado last nite n some of that Yfin tonight. I plan on a marinade soak with some of that fish for smokin' this week, and will bring some along.
  20. HTA

    Ronald glad you had another great trip.........I wish I could join you guys on the next one but work has me in San Francisco till just about the end of the year. Just have to catch the next go aroung in 2012 with you. Thanks again for a great report and pictures.