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Discussion in 'Northern California Fishing Reports' started by triumph 02, Oct 2, 2010.

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  1. triumph 02

    A friend filed a complaint on a Warden for threatining his Daughter. The response was Wardens will do whatever they have to to get what they think is the truth including bulling kids. I filed a complaint on the same Warden for wrong information in his report and for bogus citations. The response was spend the time and money to take it to a jury trial if you have a complaint about the Warden. If you get stopped my advise is say as little as you can and have a witness and a camera and a voice recorder and tell them they are being recorded. Fish and Game is all about revenue and some wardens don't care how they get it or how many of your rights they stomp on.
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    Sorry to hear about that. Seemingly, wardens from Mission Bay to Monterey Bay and beyond need some diplomacy skills. I read a similar rant on the Socal offshore board...Someone had mentioned 30 new wardens in are on the beat....maybe that has something to do with it.
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    8, Oh boy.
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    popcorn anyone
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