Commercial Lobster Season opening

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by labonte4949, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. labonte4949

    Do the commercial lobster guys cause a big slow down on hoop netting success?? I live in Santa Barbara and I've been slow to get my stuff together this year. How important is it to get out there soon?? Thanks!
  2. "all-in"

    It probably depends on where your spots are. It does not matter for me because I hoop where the commercial guys do not. I find the best time to hoop is later in the season when the private boat traffic dies down. I was getting limits or near limits the last 4 or 5 trips of the season.
  3. labonte4949

    I was thinking of hitting some spots on my kayak along Gaviota Coast west of Santa Barbara, but they've been dropping tons of pots along the whole coast all week.
  4. Bottom Line

    Since the commercial season opened last night at midnight, the point is moot. The are tons of spots that the commercial guys don't/cant work and there are plenty of bugs to go around.
  5. labonte4949

    Ahh crap, I thought it opened this weekend. Oh well. Hope you're right! Will let you all know how I do.
  6. Luhr'd Away

    Last Saturday at midnight.
  7. Bottom Line

    Commercial guys started last night at midnight - we sport guys get a 5 day lead on them.