Come on G-Spot.......where's he report??

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by GUERO, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. GUERO

    I saw a 307# hit the deck and a real nice stringer of Threadfin Sculpin down there...........
  2. sdangler

    Sabiki is sleeping it off...
  3. barracuda Killer

  4. The Notorious S.U.A

    fuck you
    fuck you
    fuck you

    who's next?

    gimme some time on the report i have other stuff on my to do list right now.
  5. Jaydog

    Did you catch some pigs or not? WTF is on your list, SUNDAY prayer?
  6. MikeyLikesIt

    me. Get busy!

    Lotsa nice fish came off the boat......there were even a few in G's pile...... LOL

    good job man!
  7. The Notorious S.U.A

    Pretty bitchen wahoo fishing on this trip, not too much else to talk about otherwise, steady slow pic on fish from 50-150 out at the bank for 6 days, a day at clarion por nada, and a morning up on the beach for one 235 and a couple 25 lb'ers. sonny jones got a 307 on a skipjack and we had probably 5 more over two hundred all out at hurricane. weather was off and on, not too bad either way. Wahoo fishing was great, caught them every way you can, kite, troll, raiders, sea strikes, bombs, bait, chunk, balloon. I came home with 4 with one going about 50 that i caught on a calcutta 400TE and a harnel 704 bait stick with 15 lb. Bunch of threafin sculpin down there too. Great group of guys and looking foward to next year.
  8. spike

    caught by Sony Jones
  9. fishkillerbill

    Way to go Sonny-sold him his Harley last year-he is a hell of a great guy
  10. GUERO

    he jumped in air like a little leaguer hitting his first home run when the scale hit 307. Very cool to see......

    other stuff??

    Wash my shit off in Corb's front yard: check
    Take Corb to lunch: check
    Drive home to OC: check
    Puff puff give: check
    Play hockey: check
    Rub and tug: check

    bring it.......

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