color preserver question??

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by ronny, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. ronny

    hi, what is the best color preserver to use that doesn't darken up any color threads. (especially yellow on a tan rod) When I used it on a tan rod with yellow thread, the thread turned gold color. Which is the best preserver to hold any color??
  2. DocSki

    Hi Ron. I would say Flex Coat is going to return the color closest to the original. I have has some good luck with Diamondite CP but it will darken the thread a little. Try the FC first.
  3. sasman

    And dont forget to let the cp dry for a day. I didnt and got lots of little bubbles. Never try to get a rod done in a day. :imdumb:
  4. Zombie

    I use U-40 Color Lock and it has a tendency to darken a bit. Are you using nylon or NCP? I assuming nylon (hence CP) but I generally use NCP (with CP) on the lighter colors to hold the color a bit better.
  5. ronny

    I am probably going to use NCP yellow size A with color preserver. I am putting the yellow on a tan blank and just don't want the thread to turn gold, like what happened to my last rod.. i want it to look like a bright yellow on the tan rod and not darken the yellow..
  6. The Bushman

    Ron, you could also lay down a layer of White A thread under the yellow. That will tend to keep the yellow looking bright! Maybe try it on a test wrap to see the difference!.