Colnett 3/7 & 8th, fishing report, injury and mexican navy!

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  1. reeleminross

    Started off fri am, First thing was to call in a float plan with vessel assist, then we hit the coral by 7am and had breakfast and fueled up the boat. Weather was great all day. Outside the coral we made about 50 macs in no time and headed our way down towards colnett. Heard niell and alex were at san martin so we hit a couple of spots before we made it to colnett. Ed and Mistic were a little behind us. We pulled onto the high spot and we had a steller day of lings, the largest going 42 inchs, and reds, the largest was almost 15#s. Dammed biggest red I have ever seen! By days end we had 6 nice lings and 8 nice reds. Pulled into the cove and set up for the rest of the day and night! Could not raise vessel assist for arrival to our destination!:Dynamite:Sat phone won't work, cell phones won't work! SHIT!!!! Nice dinner and a few bloodymarys and lights out! Woke at 5 am sat to the sweet sound of silence!:hali_parkutuli: Batteries are dead!:pee: Shit, Shit ,Shit! No problem I have 3 and 2 were shut down for the night! Switch everything over and fire up the boat!:urno1:. Now comes the good stuff!

    Ed calls us and asked if we would like some coffee and we take him up on it! After that we head out towards the high spot and set up for a great day of fishing! As we were headed out I twisted my knee and hurt it pretty bad, I already have a torn miniscas, so I figured i just rehurt it! The wind was up a little and the swells were rolling in. I hailed vessel assist to say we were ok and as to why we did'nt get ahold of them the night before and they proceed to tell me they have coast guard and mex navy looking for us!:Bawling_e Now I told them we would try to call them, and I was exactlly where I told them I was going to be so they really did'nt look to hard! However they did scare the hell out of my wife! So I am very appreciative of the fact they where doing what they thought best. About then Ed calls me to say that the mexican navy wants to talk to me and that they have been trying to call us all night! I switch back to 72 and answer the mex navy guy who says where are you? Punta colnett I told him! Excact location please he says! Duaaaaaaa OK i give him the numbers!:nutkick:He tells me to switch back to 16 and wait for further instructions! Ok! Back to fishing and limits all around for us. Now Im sorry but I can't understand the mex guy calling Finatic cuz it sounded like funittt, funittt. All the sudden I hear ed telling a nave boat guy that he can see me and that we were a mile north of him and he gave them his numbers!SHIT SHIT SHIT! Now let me start off by saying that we in no way had done anything wrong but why did I fell like a fugitive from the law about now! The mex navy boat says he needs to see us and why could that be? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ So I switched my radio to low power and told ed I was going home due to injury and boat problems! We packed up and need I say we hauled ass!!!!!!!!!!! Colnett to SI in 4hrs! Goddamit We had to PEE!!!!!! Now I don't know what they wanted but I have spoken with vessel assist and the US coast guard and both said I propably made the right decision. And by the way I ran outside 30 miles from shore just incase they really were looking for me! Now I can't walk and my knee is swollen to no end. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!!!:hali_ruahahaha: Hey it was a great trip and we had a great time! I will try and post some pics later.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. medunn16

    4 hrs.Holly Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sounds like you made the right move.
  3. TeamGracza

    Sounds exciting.I also have a torn meniscus and it hurts pretty bad.Good job on getting the fish and getting the hell away from the Mex. Navy.
  4. fishmanbh

    i would bail out too!
  5. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Damn Ross, I'm glad the surgery on my torn maniscus kept me from going, My boat is slow, They would have caught me LOL Do you know if the mex navy hassled the other guys after to left?
  6. reeleminross

    I don't know bill! We tried to call them when we were back over the boarder but no responce! I hope they did not. I remember the story a few years ago about the navy fining some guy for talking to them on the radio with no permit! By the way bill how is your knee and what do i have to look forward to besides good drugs!:food-smiley-014:

    quote=SALTYDAWG;927081]Damn Ross, I'm glad the surgery on my torn maniscus kept me from going, My boat is slow, They would have caught me LOL Do you know if the mex navy hassled the other guys after to left?[/quote]
  7. Sofia Rose


    What an adventure.

    I hope my SAT phone works down there just in case we need to contact anyone.
    Sounds like the fishing was pretty good.
    Did you get a chance to check out the numbers I gave you?
    Any signs of tails anywhere?

    Glad you made it home safe.

    Jason (Papa J) and I worked on HLII all day Sat. getting her ready for our trip on Thursday. In between the grey hounds, we got her 95% ready.

    What's the cost of fuel in Ensenada?
  8. MikeeDaGuy

    What a read for a sunday mornin!!! Glad ya made it back safe and let the damn Knee heal a bit before more torture!! Thanks for the Post!
  9. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    [/QUOTE]Besides good drugs, Let me think. Lazy, Flat on my back pity sex for the first couple weeks :boobies: Walked with a cane for a few days, Been 5 weeks now and not much pain, Just tires and gets weak but getting better everyday. At 5weeks, I'm now glad I had it done and in less pain than before the surgery.
  10. reeleminross

    Hey Lee, We worked all the areas and 1 produced well. I will pm you later with that info as I will need to pull it off the gps. I appaerntly have a problem with my sat phone so it will go in next week. Niell was able to call my wife from his cell phone from the high spot. Good luck next week, I hopte the weather works for you guys. We saw no signs of yellows. Water temps were 58 degrees.

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