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  1. fishaholic32

    PURPLE newell 332 in very good 9+/10 condition and comes in the original box. $225

    I also have a very nice 9/10 condition BLUE Newell 229 for SOLD

    I also have a very rare GREEN P220 in mint condition. I am not sure if I am going to sell this one. There are less of these out there than the CLEAR one. I am entertaining offers over $400 pending trade

    I will get some pictures up later tonight. If you are interested please give me a call or text.

    John 760-672-7080

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  2. sierraazuel

  3. fishaholic32

    Pics added...If you are interested in the green 220 just let me know and I will get pics for you.

  4. frogman10314

    are those reels lefty?
  5. eli672

    I wanna see the GREEN Newell. Please post pics.
  6. john2244

    Very nice reels !!!!!!!!!
  7. rcarry

    Love the rare newells! i have a blue 332 and barely fish it because i don't want smudge the pretty blue
  8. frogman10314

    will you ship to ny?
  9. Shakey

    We need tackle porn, SHOW THE GREEN NEWELL!
  10. Hungone

    post the green one if ya got it
  11. fishaholic32

    Alright finally got some pics of the GREEN Newell...

    Thanks for all the interest in the others. THE BEST WAY TO GET AHOLD OF ME IS BY PHONE (call or text)...sorry if I didn't respond to your PM.

    I will ship and take pay pal.

    John 760-672-7080
  12. grtwhtehuntrjr.

    That green newell is soo dooope!!!
  13. angelinasdad

    X2...never seen one of those. The only thing that would make it better is if it was a 332 or favorite. John has some good stuff and he is good to work with.
  14. dnichols36

    is that green reel a one of a kind?
  15. sierraazuel

    Why do you ask?
  16. fishaholic32

    I am open to trades...
  17. dnichols36

    I have seen other green ones and thought it was one of those, but this one is way different. Really cool reel.
  18. fishaholic32

    The pr 332 is still available...
  19. junkyarded

    How about 2 or 3 graphfighters,, factory, in near new cond. I have 5 or 6 for You to choose from.

    Or a BR100 and an Avet

    Or a 4 stack P220f and a P440 narrowed

    Or a couple of Curado 200G7's and a Calcutta TE400

    Or some Golf clubs

    Or some Trinidads

    Or ?????
  20. junkyarded

    Do shotguns do anything for You ???