Coho Starting to show up in the Westport Marina

Discussion in 'Washington Saltwater Reports' started by JPisyourman, Sep 9, 2011.

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  1. JPisyourman

    Had a few days off of the tuna grounds and i have been spending the last couple of days standing on the White Dock infront of the Islander in westport. A few nice coho are starting to show up within the last few days. Caught the first one of the season today. About 11 Lbs. or so. Swimming deep along the bottom so Polarized glasses are a must. Schools of 3 or 4 adults and a few jacks swimmin around.

    Just thaught id throw it out there since the weather hasnt been to swell offshore. Doesnt mean its the end of it. There right under your feet as you walk down to the boat. Literally.

    Tight lines.
  2. blackvelvet

    Thanks for sharing Jacob.............And welcome to Bloodydecks.
  3. rippinfishlips

    Sweet. Good to know. What did you catch it on? Do you catch much off the docks?
  4. Marlin Mike

    that's way cool
  5. christensenreid

    i heard this year that there is the run into the marina and a good run at that. i have always just walked down the dock and headed out when i could have saved the fuel and fished the marina