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Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by old salt, May 23, 2012.

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  1. old salt

    left the harbor at 4 pm with 1/2 scoop of sardines.1 1/2 hrs later and a couple of boat moves my buddy hooks up with this pig.egg sinker with 6/0 hook on the drift.first coastal c bass for my vessel.

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  2. Tunahead

  3. matt86m

    them are some dark clouds coming in on you, did you get in ok?


  4. BiggestT

    Love it. Departs from Dana Point. Reports on fish from there all over the internet. Not too hard to figure out AND he sharpies out the background. Sleep easy, the rest of your fish are safe.:rofl:
  5. Tunahead

    Yeah like that trench that's been there for Eons is a secret....:rofl:

    Hell we rode 12ft waves that came out of that hole at Killer Dana
    in the early 60's without wet suits in the dead of winter. Come out purple...LOL
    Before there was a breakwater or harbor. Longboards....Man UP!!! HA!
  6. old salt

    this fish was caught in a different area than were everyone else is fishing.yes it was close but the background will give it away and id rather not see 25 boats there tomorrow
  7. Tunahead

    Then good luck manana Mark. LOL
  8. Tues're right, Bro (Tim).

    Nice day on the water!
  9. fishnbob

    Hey Mark, nice fish dude! Oh and thanks again for the deal on the Torium! I hooked a yellow on it but it got me in the rocks!
  10. bigjsandyballs

    Great fish! How was the wind and swell out there today?
  11. pv apollo

    off the Domes
  12. OciferDave

    Awesome Mark! Well done!
  13. Tunaslam

    Too cool, fine job!
  14. NorthShore41

    Sea Bass fishing at Cat is like a Stephen King Movie, all the sharpies and white out reminds me of that Langoliers movie, or maybe Mothman Prophecies
  15. 26grumpy

    Congrats Mark, no boat deserves that fish more than yours :appl: !!!!!

    It would behoove some members to keep their hand in check before they impart their wisdom on complete strangers ....Mark is how you salty dog. Recently, some twit reached out to me who from the start claimed not to know me or anything about me yet he had no problem with TELLING me his version of the what-for. I can only suffer with fools for so long so I let him in on my little secret.....:) I think he took advantage of the teachable moment. The human condition is in a sad state these days, being driven into the ground by a vocal and visible minority of arrogant half-wits.

    Again, congrats Mark and crew, nice one!!! Good to see they are on the finbait....
  16. Phat Matt

    Good one Mark..Patients pays off....and yes this guy spends more time on the water in DP than most.
  17. get some BD Writer

    Nice fish! Next time just pose with your back to open water instead of land. Then you won't get any crap and can say you caught the fish wherever you want...
  18. carbonbass

    or he can just take the pic however he wants and do whatever he wants to the picture, its awesome enough hes even willing to share his catch and the area he caught it in.
  19. HBfisherman

    Nice local tanker, great job!

    Windy and really swelly, not for the faint of heart!
  20. OciferDave

    I like the flow of your writing .... you are missing your true calling.....
    "middle age man and the sea" .... perhaps?