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    :lux: Hi Guys and gals, I just got back from my annual Sitka Alaska Trip with REEL CLASS CHARTERS,
    Flew in Wednesday Fished THUR,FRI,SAT.


    8/4 Thurs. Left the dock at 5:30AM, Pouring rain all day. All four of us caught limits of COJO silvers totalling 24, I caught one King 25lbs. Caught and released many silvers and picked up a few chums for the next days Halibut fishing.

    8/5 Fri. Left the dock at 5:30AM, Rain off and on lifting in the afternoon. Caught our limits in larger Silvers 24 total in less than an hour at Bird Island then decided to make a run out offshore in 395 feet of water. soaked bait and jigged the rest of the day at that anchored spot. jigged a couple of chickens 25lbs. Captian Lance said to pull up the lines at 2:30PM. Then asked what time it was. My buddy Tom says 2:30. Captain says pull em up. Tom says actually we still have 2 minutes on his watch. Captain jokes and says two minute drill. No sooner had the words come out of his mouth I hook up a fish on my Penn 30 SW. 15 Minutes later I pulled up a 75" Halibut 225lbs. Meat in the box...

    8/6 Sat.70 degrees and sunshine all day, Left the dock and went for a 2.5 hour boat ride, Set anchor and immediately all four of us hook into medium chickens, all released, looking for larger fish today. Lance moved 1/8th of a mile South on a better sand meets pinnacle spot and anchors. We try for halibut but none to be found. Peel down to the tee shirts, :jerkoff: got board and changed over to mooching salmon. All four of us bring in our limits of Kings instantly at 110 feet, 4 Kings. We caught and released a bunch more. Pulled in our limits of Silvers, 24 very large and maturing Silvers. Put those rods away and went back to jigging for Halibut. At 2PM one of the bait reels busts loose. Chris is on with a big one. 30 min later he pulls in a 84.5" 340lb Halibut on a single speed reel. Not a bad day, Felt like we were on a floating fish killing machine.
    Our 4 buds on one of the other Reel Class boats was down south of us a mile or so fishing for Halibut and caught and released a 85" 345lb Halibut on Saturday. They were fishing in the exact same spot I caught and released my 90" 405lb halibut last year on this same date.

    8/7 Sun. Left for home, Was supposed to be in S.D. by 9:30. Our flight on a certain airline I won't mention did not get us into S.D. until 1:30AM Monday.......No luggage and no Fish. We were told to wait until 2:30AM for the next late flight to arrive and that they might have our fish with them. We waited and it did have our luggage and almost all of our fish. 1 Box missing....of course it is the box with all of the smoked fish in it.....We were then told to come back tomorrow and chances are it would be on a flight out of Seattle at 8:50 AM the next mornig.....I show up at the S.D. airport and there it is sitting on the floor for anyone to take off with ......I opened the box to check to see how much was thawed and to my Suprise only 2 pieces of Salmon had thawed. I am going to eat those tonite.........

    I have a lot of Pictures and have tried to post pictures in the past....But.....I must be a dumbass. I have posted other pictures on other sites but just can't seem to figure this one out. Sorry............

    See you around,

    P.S. What's going on with the tuna down here, maybe looking to make a run again here real soon?

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