Cinco de Mayo Tiger

Discussion in 'Florida Sport Fishing Reports' started by Snookslayer08, May 7, 2012.

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  1. Snookslayer08

    The past three years we've seen quite a few tigers off our beaches around the last week of april and this year hasn't been any different. Headed out saturday on a mission to top my best from last year 9' 4" and accomplished just that. Got baits out by 7 and started staring at rod tips. Right after sundown we get the nurse curse and start thinking it was going to be a bad night but we're waiting it out for awhile. Around 10 i see the tip of my rod bouncing then the Avet 80 lets a nice steady click let her chew on the bait 300yrds out when she drops it but comes back after 3 or 4 times and takes off at a good pace let her eat just a bit more throw it in strike and let her have it.

    Hooked Up

    Took a good amount of line then started to go north and didn't want to come over the bar at all leaned back with all i had and got her over then she decided to come back south. After 45min in the harness several nice runs with 25-35lbs of drag and violent head shakes we got a look at the beast a nice fat tiger Troy grabbed the leader and chris got the rope on her.

    Took 4 of us to drag her far enough to work with her but still have her head in the water.

    Snapped as many pics as possible but worked fast to get her back in no measurements but i'd say a good 10-11' and atleast 400lbs

    12/0 circle right in the corner

    Dragging the beast back to have her pups and eat some more turtles
  2. Harrington89

    Made my day seen those pictures! Fucking AWESOME! I am moving to Florida!
  3. salmonhawk

    What a fish!!! Congrats!!
  4. Capt. Louie

    Great fish and a good release.
  5. BrassyHooker

    Holy Shit!!!!!