CIH to Ensenada..... 2days..... 300miles

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by OciferDave, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. OciferDave

    Left CIH Thursday 3pm. Went to Newport Beach to top off and just beat the fuel dock closing at 7pm. Got some more poor bait to add to our alrady poor bait from CIH. I aimed the boat at the 390 and left Newport at 9pm at a very relaxing 7 knots. No love at the 390 at gray light, so run South to find the fleet. Got to the parking lot and had an instant double on the trolled up Albies. And that was it. No more love. Should have been there at the grey. Since the Western Outdoors thing was at Hotel Coral I decided to jam there a bit earlier. Good call on my part. I think we were the last boat to get diesel Friday afternoon. They ran out and had no gasoline either. Saturday early morning we took another stab at going ouside. I went 10 miles out past the island and decided to turn back. Ass kicking is not what I wanted after 2 days at sea. We ran to lee of the island and were fortunate to get into a ripper of a Yellowtail bite on the North side. Got 4 nice Yellows to 20 pounds and headed for Coral ( summer home ) at noon.

    PS thanks again to the fellow with the "go out of Ensenada , turn left and go 20 miles" advice. Love this site.
  2. Crusty Rod

    awesome, sounds like the season is gona be good. Notrhing like getting albies 25 miles from the Coral! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Love that place, good luck,
  3. Double Z

    2-3 weeks and I am back down there. Work is a pain in the butt right now.