Chukar Hunting Report

Discussion in 'Winged Hunting Reports' started by hookup66, Oct 30, 2010.

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  1. hookup66

    Oct 28th, 2010.

    Well, I know why they call it hunting and not shooting.

    Wen't back to the spot where we got a few birds on opening day in Lucerne Valley. We hiked and covered lots of territory and never even saw one Chukar or heard any calls.

    Atleast I got a swollen knee and banged up ankle out of it. Looking forward to chasing those bastards again soon.

    Now it's time to hunt them, the dumb ones are dead, this is when you learn the most. Conditions have changed since the opener, you gotta factor that in, hint hint!
  3. Alan

    A for effort at least you know where not to go next time.
  4. mikeam7750

    this is my first year hunting chukar. I have been out 6 times. I have found three spots one of them i have been by three times and the chukar have been there all three times. At this time they are at 3850-4000 ft elv.
  5. pura vida

    They are in Anza at about 4400 feet