Chubasco 2 Sportfishing?

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by 30lbbg2299, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. 30lbbg2299

    What are your guys' preferances on this boat good, bad, why? Should i Book a 3/4 or 1/2?
  2. get some BD Writer

    In my opinion, it's the best local boat in San Diego. Ernie Prieto goes the distance to catch fish and since he normally carries lighter loads than everyone else, it's a great boat to fish when the others are packed.

    I was fishing with Ernie at the Coronados a few years back and the yellows just weren't biting. He was talking to one of the other 3/4 day boats on the radio and they told him that they were going to head out for Plan B, which was to go and fish sculpin. I asked Ernie if he was going to go with Plan B as well and he said, "There is no Plan B. We're here to fish yellows." We ended up getting a couple fish late in the day and although I didn't catch one of them I was happy that we stuck it out and didn't bail for the sculpin grounds like everyone else...
  3. william ortiz

    caught abunch of fish on the chub hope to again when i nrecover
  4. heatmiser

    Ernie and Chad are top notch. You can't go wrong with the the Chubb.

    Great boat and crew. 1/2 or 3/4 day, it doesn't matter. Just go you won't regret it.
  6. rookie angler

    Great crew and light loads. One of my favorite 2 local boats in SoCal. My last trip out with them we had a great YT bite and Ernie kept us out an extra nearly 2 hours till the bait ran out.
  7. e_rack

    I like this boat. Like everyone else says, usually it's a lighter load and they really try to put you on the fish. It also sits really low in the water. I like fishing on the San Diego too cause they have the refrigerated salt water hold but the crowds on that boat get kuh-razy. The Chubasco uses a big gray plastic bin filled with ice so that keeps your catch fresh, no fish baking in burlap bags in the sun. They have a deal on Living Social right now, 1 day left, 30 bucks for a half day trip.
  8. tossmeatuna

    Ernie's a feeshy guy, always enjoyed fishing with him and if yellows are around, he runs' n guns till he gets them on the boat.
  9. glenn

    Agree with everyone, quality boat and crew. Check his website.
    The 1/2 day trips usually fish the local kelp and the
    3/4 day trips fish the islands. If he makes squid on the
    island trip, it's usually available for the mid week
    1/2 day anglers.
  10. tightlinemike

    This capt sounds like a great guy to fish with. I'll be checking him out this summer. Thanks OP for the post..........Mike
  11. Marcus

    Ernie, crew and boat are top notch.

    I highly recommend them