Chasing the Dragon

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by sdfishkiller, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. sdfishkiller

    And catching them too. LOL

    Went to the Dragon's Lair to try out my new rebar weights.

    Thanks to Fishbones(Richard) for the rebar hook-up.

    Chopped the rebar into 5-8ins lengths, weighed between 11-16oz.

    The rebar worked great, lost 3 of them, cost $0.00.

    Fished from 4-7:15pm.

    The bite was slow til 6:00pm then they got aggressive.

    1 @ 23.5", back in drink.

    1 @ 24.5"

    1 @ 30", 8.5#'s

    Don't forget to fillet out the cheeks!

    Day after pics: LOL

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  2. BuonaForTuna

    Whatever works bro! Cheap and Im sure easy to find
  3. sdfishkiller

    I do alot of linging early in the season and getting hung up 2-3-4 times in a friken row can be a real moral killer.

    But you have to put those macks where the dragons live, "In the land where no sinker ever returns". :nutkick:

    I'll be using them for cod as well.

    The $10 bucks I save in lost lead pays for the beer.

    Fishbones gave me enough rebar to make over a hundred weights!
  4. Bigfish69

    Good job todd,,,that cheek meat is the sweetest.

    No beer bottle for size comparison?

  5. duanediego

    nice work todd!

    been itching to get out to the dragon's lair, but keep getting stuck in the kelp with the calico. might give it a go this weekend....
  6. sdfishkiller

    I used the beer bottles full of sand for weights too. LOL
  7. spike

    "Nice job puffing the magic dragon Focker"
  8. Bigfish69

    How many oz's in that type of sinker. LOL

  9. Trayscool

    nice work man, I love the DIY weights
  10. MikeyLikesIt

    what size is the rebar? #8?
  11. redyak

    Are those #8s? Pretty cool.......I bought some 16 oz sinkers at the Landing before we went rockfishing and paid $6.79 each. Lead has went up in value, I guess. I'll have to get some from the jobsite.
  12. sdfishkiller

    #6, 1.5 lbs/ft.

    6" = 12oz
  13. geno machino

    How deep are you fishing those ling dings?
    I use to use spark plugs when I was younger,also worked well on a real lo buget. Much shallower water thou.
    Nice fishes, and thanks for the report.

  14. harryo

    Hey Fishkiller, wtg! Seaya!
  15. MikFly

    Todd - fricken brilliant idea! I love it! I love linging!
    And you didn't even paint it and such - very cool!
    Can you attach another picture of the final jig with hook and all.

    Well done!
  16. sdfishkiller

    around 90-130 feet. Outside the kelp. If you're not losing gear, you're not in the right spots LOL
  17. sdfishkiller

    The rebar is just a weight, not a lure. I use smelt and mackeral for bait.

    The wire loop is for attaching to a snap swivel.

    Painted rebar with some washers welded on and a hook attached would definitely catch one.
  18. FishingDentist

    Me too! I used to get them from the auto shop by the hundreds.

    What are you cutting the rebar with?
  19. chilerelleno

    My buddy and I have been doing that process forever, you may want to do what we do and use shrink wrap on the ends or some kind of thick rubber. It really helps save the boat from getting scratched up.
  20. sdfishkiller

    Big Ol' Chop Saw with a metal cutting blade.

    It belongs to a friend, he said the blade was Carbon Steel about $12, wears away as you cut. We used about a 1/4 of it or less for 20 6-8" in. pieces.