Charterboat Deckhand Wanted

Discussion in 'Pacific North West Classifieds' started by Malia Kai, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. Malia Kai

    This is an excellent opportunity for an avid fisherman to be on the water every day through the spring and summer months while earning good pay.

    Based out of Neah Bay, we run a top of the line 37X13 twin diesel vessel and stay very busy throughout our season. We target primarily Halibut and Salmon, but also do near-shore and offshore Bottomfish trips. We take no more than 6 passengers per day. Season lasts from May 1<sup>st</sup> through Labor Day Weekend in September. Weekly schedule varies but we may fish up to 20 straight days, and days onboard for the deckhand are commonly 10-12 hours.

    Compensation varies but is based off of a flat fee paid by the business per departure plus 100% of all gratuities. Deckhand reports to vessel 30 minutes to vessel prior to departure to prep the boat and gear. Boat departs for 7-12 hours. Vessel returns, and deckhand performs vessel and related gear maintenance too prepare for the following trip.

    Requirements as a crewman for the boat are to commit to “be onboard every day the boat departs from port” in Neah Bay regardless of any circumstance. Cleaning and/or filleting the boats’ entire catch is expected. Beyond assisting paying clients with recreational angling and landing/releasing fish, another primary responsibility includes the general upkeep of the vessel as well as assisting in some of the maintenance. Deckhand must cater to the needs of both the passengers and the captain.

    Candidate needs to be hardworking, friendly, and good with people. Drug screening does apply. We cannot stress enough that they are to be available every day May-Labor Day in 2012 that the boat is booked for a charter. Avid recreational fisherman, especially those with commercial fishing experience, have in the past done very well at this job in the past.

    Contact via Private Message or Email.
  2. tacklejacked

    Excellent opportunity for someone....To bad I have a full time job.
  3. Jermz

    Good luck Mike.

    That would be a awesome job. If I didn't work for uncle bill I'd be all over it.

    See ya on the Hali grounds

    Stay Fresh..............Jermz
  4. Mikieb

    Sounds like what I do for my friends except I drive the boat also, you mean I could get paid for this ?:D
  5. Glad Wrap

    Great opportunity for someone and if I didn't have kids and lived closer I would jump on it.
  6. Stryker20


    Did Mike take off on ya?

    That guy was an awesome deckhand.

    I hope you manage to round up a good one in his place.
  7. Easytosee

    Dang... wish I could do it.
  8. Mikieb

    That's a big black Lab in your avatar.
  9. ezsmith

    find me a place to live and let me know what it pays and i am there
  10. crambo

    I used to deck in calif and ilwaco a few years ago like 20 im to dam old now. sorry
  11. jbuck

    I have a few pictures of the melia Kai for you. I took them of your boat passing a few miles west of tatoosh.
  12. jbuck

  13. Malia Kai

    Thank you for the Great pictures Josh! Stop by the boat this year and say hi. I's always great to meet fellow Neah Guys.
  14. jbuck

    No problem. I was playing with my camera that day. I was going to put them on a disk for you when I seen you out here again. But I'm sure we already know each other. I run the Papado 2 outta neah bay
  15. blackvelvet

    Are you kidding me ???? Get paid to go out with Jambo all summer and learn all the tricks of the trade from the master himself ???

    If I didn't have obligations here at home I wouldn't hesitate to jump all over this once in a lifetime offer.

    What a great opportunity for one lucky person.
  16. Cornfed

    You need to go to school before you can deckhand up here. We sling 2 LBS. of LEAD, not 2 oz!

  17. Marlin Mike

    22 alfa that
  18. moonedo

    Mike PM sent
  19. yelloweye

    Don't you have a real job Don?? :rofl:

    I asked my boss for a 4 month leave of absence. He just said "NOPE!".
  20. Cornfed

    Steve....are you kidding?!? Don doesn't even work in the summer.