Chargers look weak

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by the hook, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. the hook

  2. wildcat

    they don't look mentally ready for this game
  3. Offense is looking great on this drive. Im at Qualcomm right now, in the press box for work. All talk amongst the sports writers right now is Darren Sproles.
  4. the hook

    Going for two? We won't see that in the regular season.

    Interference call saved us. That's football!
  5. theedanimal

  6. hotrod

    Its still pre-season John. 23% of their starters did not play today for various reasons.

    Did not play today on Offense

    Did not play today on Defense
    Jamal Williams
    Shawn Merriman

    The rushing defense looked weak, however, when your best run stuffer (Jamal Williams) does not play you'll see the difference. Also having Merriman in there would helped and given the D more balance.

    I thought Sproles looked great, I give him an A.

    I thought Rivers looked fine with the exception giving up a near pick, I give him a B.
  7. the hook

    The tackling needs to improve. Even Weddle forgot to put the guy away and resulted in that early score.

    He will be pretty sore from kicking himself over that.

    On the bright side, my favorite receiver, Malcolm Floyd got in the game last night.

    Oh, Mike, Seahawks weren't playing all their starters either, unless I am wrong.

    Nice to get the win. Good thing that db dropped the easy INT, though.

  8. reelnexotic

    Im with you there, they look weak. Not rapping up on tackles recievers missing well thrown balls. The Seahawks look great. Well it is pre-season, but I hope they step it up as well
  9. ctl_dog

    Looks like we will miss Merriman, nobody wanted to tackle their quarterback.
  10. Saluki

    Go Bears!
  11. MikeyLikesIt

    IM glad this is here, so I dont have to do my annual football/chargers post.

    they suck. They cant tackle, and they wont run. :shake:

    San Diego will never have a championship team, for more than 1 year running.

    Too many distractions in paradise. Padres, chargers, rockets, gulls, it dont matter.

    At least I can bank the 300 clams I would have spent on a game.

    Fack 'um...............PA LEEEZE move.
  12. Vermonster

    It's the Chargers...Why are we even discussing it????? :rolleyes:
  13. Jaydog

    Negative Nancy and her sister have entered the building!!!

    Shit I'm just stoked we're winning games and going to the playoffs every year. It's a really nice feeling for us in SD to know that we have one of the best teams in the NFL so quit bumming our HIGH dudes.:food-smiley-014:
  14. hotrod

    Amen Jaydog, the negative Nancy's can start their own bitch and moan forum. LOL
  15. MikeyLikesIt

    Just for the record, the bitching and moaning are waaay over at my house.

    I just laugh now.
  16. sealskinner

    This is still PREseason, isn't it?
  17. Jaydog

    Hey Mikey, I've heard Cialis and Viagra work great for that problem. Bueno suerte.
  18. MARKEY220

    i'm a pats fan,{remember last year}just kiddin,i think the chargers will make the playoffs.
  19. Vermonster

    Well, I'm sorry, I forgot that it must feel great to win games and go to the playoffs (only 3 of last 4 years :rolleyes:), and then choke your chicken and do nothing....... ;)

    Yeah, that's fun. Always the bridesmaid, isn't that how the saying goes?

    Glad you're happy with 2nd place... Or 3rd, or 4th....... :rolleyes:
  20. SeaDawg

    The Chargers are a very good team on paper..............

    I certainly don't hold my breath over them during any season, I know em too :)

    But, they should be good this year, I have not been following pre-season, never do :)