Chargers gearing up to play Denver and Manning!

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Aggro, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. Aggro

  2. ConSeaMate

    So you think that's funny?........your going to get an ass whopping this year......
  3. Aggro

    YES :rofl:
  4. ConSeaMate

    Well.....maybe it is....<label for="rb_iconid_10">[​IMG]</label>....
  5. Tues

  6. Vermonster

  7. Carl

    Chargers (re)signed Castillo too.
  8. @-EZ

    Who really gives a shit ! :picknose:
  9. Saluki

    You misplelled "Slurpcock".
  10. rivertake

    $$$$$$$$ I'm your huckleberry $$$$$$$

    You would lose that bet before the midway point of the season. Put your sock where your mouth is :rofl:
  11. Gil Marlin

    I think the Broncos will do better than that...
  12. Aggro

  13. Saluki

  14. Gil Marlin

    I think Denver is serious about winning this year...
  15. Saluki

  16. Aggro

    They better be, Manning is getting old. :rofl:
  17. Tues

    Go Packers!
  18. Gil Marlin

    That's not what I said... However, the Chargers could learn something from the Broncos, win a Super Bowl... get a new stadium...
  19. Saluki

    Worked for the Padres.
  20. Aggro