Chappy Charters Fishing Report

Discussion in 'Mainland Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Dwaynec, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Dwaynec

    Fishing Repórt For Chappy Charters! March 16, 2007.....

    There´s a New Sheriff in Town! Life is good in Paradise!

    The Fred Hall show was a big success for Chappy Charters. We made a hundred new contacts and talked with a hundred friendly faces! It was great to be around all the new innovations designed for catching us Anglers. I´m looking forward to actually putting them through their paces!
    Yesterday was the first time we´ve actually chartered The Newest Addition to the Chappy Charters Fleet! A Brand Spanking New 36 ft. Contender. We idled to Corbeteña at 35 Miles and hour, passing the normal fleet of Smoking Tugs, like there were in slow motion. Got out to The Rock in just under an hour, We should put a NASA Sticker on this honey!
    The YellowFin (YF) Tuna were “Off The Hook”, Literally off the hook. Tried it all, all day long. Drifting, Trolling, Secret Baits, Kites, Praying, then headed out for Dorados. Shot out to El Banco in 35 minutes and hit the Dorados. Now our other boat Chappy One, went on a Frenzy of 53 to 57 inch Dorados”! Boated eleven, then had a 90 inch Sail. Beautiful.....

    Dr. Stu a friend of ours, an accupuncturist who gauranteed Craig and Kay that she wouldn´t get sea sick if she took his cure! Dr. Stu came down to Chappys, our Contender half an hour before departure time and did his magic. Check out the pictures. This is innovation at work! Kay couldn´t look at he water without getting sick. This day she was drinking beer, eating sandwiches and dancing that night. Not to mention boating a few nice Mahi Mahi herself. They and their family had the time of their life. Thanks Dr. Stu, I´m sure you´ll be hearing from more clients.

    Till next time, Chappy Charters....
  2. fishnfool

    Congrats on the new edition...sounds sweet. Glad to hear you had a good show. Sounds like it's going off down there. Those are some huge "Schoolie" Dodos. Can't wait to see some pics of those.
  3. bertram31

    Hum, maybe with the new boat you will keep a little safer distance from other boats. Remember being twenty feet off the Red Roosters transom, I do.

  4. Gmoney!

    Oh oh, Red Rooster owns the spot AND you cannot get within 20 feet of it?:rofl: :rofl:

    Come on Jack, it was funny ;)

    Besides, if they were that close, you could have put your casting skills to work :nutkick:

    Anyhoo, congrats on the dodos, and the new seasickness remedy ;)
    Those contenders sure can fly.

  5. bertram31

    No G, I would never cast something at another boat.

    What was funny though is when a chummed sardine from one of the deckhands almost landed in some boats cockpit. Yeah that close a hand tossed sardine landing in the cockpit.

  6. Nuckin' Futs

    This very interesting. Do all the big fishing boats that come to Mexico chum live sardines in mexican waters? It sounds like a very effective way to attract tuna, is this true?
  7. The Notorious S.U.A

    and they all go home with slammer full of fish because they know what they are doing.

    do all the gringo's in mexico think they are gods gift to angling because their trust fund paid for a hatteras?
  8. frijolitos

    NOPE!!! it seems like only the ones from so cal have that attitude, about everybody else seems to appreciate it here a little bit more.:finger:
  9. Gmoney!

    LOL, I was just jokin man, I wouldn't expect anyone to do that sort of thing, that will land you in jail in no time.

    Well, I have seen some of those deckies chuck sardines and chovies pretty damn far, more like 20 yards or so, but I get your point.

    Anyways, the RRIII pissed off some of the locals, some of the locals pissed off the RRIII, can't we all just get along :drunk

    George how many tuna did you end up with on that trip?
  10. The Notorious S.U.A

    7 in two days.
  11. Gmoney!

    How big?

    YOU BASTARD!!:notworthy
  12. The Notorious S.U.A

    2@ 120ish
    2@ 90ish
    assorted dinks

    i think we only had one over 2 on that trip. Cleofas is a great place to fish if you can handle the traffic.
  13. Gmoney!

    As long as there isnt a boat anchored up on the high spot ;)

    Unfortunately I am sure traffic out there will get worse and worse. Each year more boats arrive.

    I still prefer to fish the Rock, much shorter drive, but of course if the fish arent there, then to el banco we go.

    Cant wait to get down there again. Hopefully a few more months.
  14. The Notorious S.U.A

    i can. I'd rather not go through the drive and all the rediculous chidlish shit down there anymore.

    "they wont bite cause your using sardines"
    "ok you want some?"
    "NO! and no one else can have them either, now get me an apple juice and put on spongebob"
  15. Gmoney!

    yah well, your ride down there is a lot further than mine ;)

    I hear what you are saying, I think if everyone had respect for one another things could change, and that has to go both ways, no blaming one party or another. Anyways, I don't want or need to start anything, that is between the captains to hash out.

    For now, congrats to Chappy on their new ride, but get ready, I hear of some faster boats making their way down there ;)

  16. byeye

    Why don't you two get a fucking room and PM each other. G, I'm gonna jack every thread from now on.

    You two don't even like each other so why pretend?

    Congrats on the new boat, let's let these two big tuna experts talk now.
  17. Capt Manny Advertiser

    I heard chumming is ilegal for the long range boats in mexican waters,.Defenilly would have my video camera ready for the next one...

  18. byeye

    YEAH Cpt. Manny. LMFAO. As much publicity you get from even posting on this board you should just shut the fuck up. It's because of places like this and the AMERICAN CHUMMER'S that you are making the money you do.
  19. frijolitos

    I thought you were gonna be nice this year:rofl: :rofl: .....I like the old byeye anyhow.......more entertaining:notworthy
  20. byeye

    Oh come on now Kurt. I don't ever hear you bitch about anything and you always post a report (with great photo's I may ad), and some of the goo's just keep doing the same shit.