Channel Islands Halibut "Martuni"

Discussion in 'Central California Fishing Reports' started by Maximus Sportfishing, Mar 29, 2009.

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    This report is a little different from the last reports I have been writing.

    The norm has been how great the giant yellowfin tuna and black marlin fishing in Puerto Vallarta has been for the last 5 years. Having a opportunity to Capt and fish with some of the greatest people alive, and now having the greatest episode in life....teaching my son the ropes to learn what I do and being able to work side by side and chasing halibut and seabass.

    We just put into operation at Capt Hook's Sportfishing the "Martuni" She's a 6k vessel. 6 scoop, 31 ft boat that cruises 22kts, able to fish Rosa, SBI, Santa Cruz and Anacapa Is. Departs at 5am. Sleeping for 5. Rigged with the latest Furuno electronics and equipped with the latest Accurate, Avet and Shimano, and Graphtech rods and reels available.

    Fish Report:

    Departed Capt Hooks @ 7:30 am with intentions to target Halibut. We fished the east end of Santa Cruz Island and Anacapa. Fished the beaches, and structure edges and most spots not holding but, there are fish there to be had. I wouldn't call it wide open but with 3 anglers, over 10 solid bite's and 4 fish up to 18 pounds. I would consider fishing for spring halibut is underway!

    Summer like conditions, temps in the mid 70's. What a way to spend it with your Fam.

    Capt Keith Denette

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    Very nice report.. Looks like your new addition is already producing..

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    Hi fishgraphics,

    Nice report, pics, trip, and looks like all had a unforgetable trip !!



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