Channel Island Carnage 4/5 w-pics

Discussion in 'Central California Fishing Reports' started by Red Drum, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. Red Drum

    After months of "biting at the bit" to pull on a Lingcod, the weather gods gave the Channel Islands a brief reprieve on Sunday, from the unrelenting winds that pounded the islands for most of all of last week.

    The plan was to fish a Ling hole and then round out our limits with some tasty Rockfish. My fishing buddies for the day were Mitch “fishrdie”, Mike “Baja Mike” and perch pounder Jason “jscrib”.

    The ride out to the honey-hole was EPIC, with little to no wind. Sweeet!!

    On our first drop, we pulled up 6 legal Lingers, two double hook-ups and two single hook-ups. Needless to say, we got our limit in less than 10 minutes.

    Jason with his first Lingcod of the day, and Mitch pulling in a double hook-up.

    Mike trying to control one of his double hook-ups.

    Mike and a pic of his double hook-up. Way to go Mikey!!

    Vinnie with a nice Linger and Mitch with an 8.5 pound Vermilion Rockfish.

    Mike and another Ling and Jason sporting a Cracker Jack Sportfishing Tee.

    More Lingers.

    Some of the limit of Rockfish and Lingers.

    Decided to take the front side of the island back to port, since the wind picked up quite a bit out of the southeast, but it turned out to be even more wind on the front side, coming off the island.

    Some Squid boat getting ready in Cueva Valdez.

    We tried bounce balling around Becher’s Bay, but our hoochies didn’t get touched. Maybe next time.

    All in all we had a fabulous trip with phenomenal weather until the first half of the ride home, then the wind died as we crossed the channel past Gilda.

    I can’t wait to do another trip out to the enchanted Channel Islands. HOOK-UP!!!!

    Till next tide,
  2. jscrib

    Best quality ling fishing I've ever done. I can't even remember how many we released. It was hard trying to get away from them.

    Thanks Vince for another epic rock fish trip. I vacuumed packed all my fish today and stuft the freezer. Jessica is so stoked and also thanks you.

    Vince, Mike and Mitch - ling/rock fish killers.


    Big fillet o' ling.


  3. the_looper

    Just Epic!! WTG Chente ! as always .. wish i was there with u guys.. Mitch and Mike, great to see u guys in the rport.. and jason.. YEAH BUDDY!!
  4. Bank Robber

    Epic is right! What a fricken slaughter, nice job dudes.
  5. Captain Steve

    Way to go guys! I like how it took 2 fillet boards for that ling fillet. I love it! Good to see FISHRDI Mitch out there fishing.
  6. Trayscool

    holy smokes you guys killed it....
  7. Spyder

    SAWEET!!!! Nice job on the big pile of dinner guys. Fishslayers back in da house!
  8. yellowdog

    WTG guys, if you only knew the washing machine to the Coronados on Sunday. I'm glad somebody got to enjoy that dipshit weatherman's prediction.
  9. BuonaForTuna

    Looks like a great trip to me those are some nice quality lings, Good job guys!
  10. Shaka760

    Nicely done fellas!!!
  11. Realreel1

    :imdumb:W T G Nice fellas.:fighting0061:
  12. Cfhok

    way to slay em. nice work. congrats.
  13. Bigfish69

    I am jelous,,nice kill.

  14. jscrib

    Why do you hurt with words?

    Mitch says hi and that you wear pink wristbands.

    Last edited: Apr 6, 2009
  15. Deno

  16. spike

    Quality Specimens!
  17. UnReel

    Wow that was a killer trip. Good weather, killer fishing, doesn't get much better than that.

    Great job Vince and crew
  19. T BICKLE

    you guys are gay. and by gay i mean super cool and i'm jealous
  20. Tunaslam

    Outstanding job on the lings and fish taco meat. Too cool guys!