Cell Phones in CR??

Discussion in 'Panama & Central America Fishing Reports' started by vinsp, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. vinsp

    What type of cell phones do they have in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:country-region w:st="on">Costa Rica</st1:country-region> I have a sim card phone I use in the <st1:place w:st="on">Middle East</st1:place> and was wondering if it was worth bringing it along. Do the use sim phone down there and how expensive are the cards and minutes if they are available? Starting to get seriously excited about this trip cant wait to get out of town.
    Thanks Scott
  2. Sluester

    Vacation? Leave the thing home.
  3. vinsp

    OOOhhhh no i dont want it for work and any one who gives the number to my wife dies lol
  4. squirtis

    How long is your trip and how often do you go?

    I bought a Nokia in Panama for $31 with activation and car charger and a $10 card lasts me forever...
  5. jimfrogs

    Cell phones in Costa Rica are a nightmare. Poor service and the government has a monopoly on telecommunications. Even the use of personal computers for calling is illegal there. For a non citizen to legally use a phone there they have to put up a deposit in person in the San Jose office. I think it was $500 US last I tried. Some phones will work there or you can rent a sim card from a local and put it in your phone. That is what I do there. Any way you look at it it is third world service. Worst country I have ever found for cell phones and driving on the roads.
  6. squirtis


    Good to know..thanks Jimfrogs!
  7. sancocho

    in Costa Rica only work the US cell phone who have a digital service with GSM technology and have active the roaming service and a billing acount, i am not sure if the US cell phone what use the prepaid phone cards can work too,

    In Guatemala, salvador, Honduras, nicaragua, panama you just need to buy the SIM card or chip for 3$ or 5$ in panama for your US cell phone and prepaid phone cards, just find what digital service you use in home or the cell phone can be unloked to use the 2 more important digital service GSM,CDMA

    the 3 importants cell phone company in this contries are TELEOFNICA, CLARO and TIGO but not in Costa Rica,

    I use my Guatemala unloked cell phone in El salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras and Ecuador just buyiing a TELEFONICA sim card,

  8. Enfuego

    You have to have a Tiko buy it for you to make it halfway affordable. There are a few deck hands in Los Suenos that will rent you theirs.
    That is the easiest route if you are in the area.

    They have so few cell sites their it is almost not worth it.
  9. kinembe

    most foreign services do not work here, about 1 in 20 of my clients who think their phone will work here actually have it work, even with paying extra for the plan. there are companies that rent phones, here is one...Cellular Costa Rica Cell Phone Rental

    if you want your own line you need to have a corporation in costa rica and with that you can pay $25 for the line and have your very own line. i have an extra line and phone for my clients to use while here and all they have to pay is the phone calls they make.
  10. iclypso

    Coverage on the Nicoya peninsula is hit/miss but rentals are available in most of the more popular towns.
  11. jimfrogs

    Most larger car rental places rent cell phones for like $10/day.
  12. seamajor

    It is not illegal for a non-resident to own a cell phone here, nor putting $500. in a bank. You just need to own a corporation. Most folks who live here own 2 or 3 corporations. 1 for your car, another for your home, etc. As for the service, not that great.
  13. ZZZZZ

    Or know someone who has a extra line, Take the phone into ICE, Hook it up, My phone took 5 minutes, Its a Nokia bought in CR $60. That is how I got my line. Then I gave my line to someone before I came back who needed one. I already have a new differant line waiting for me when I go back from a shebro... You can not change the name on the cell line but that does not matter. Info for people living there or spending allot of time there. I do have a corporation too.

    Its like going back in time... I like it. But

    Cell phone reception is great in Dominical. Cell tower made a huge eye sore, But I guess it was needed. Looking from the ocean the city is in back of the coco trees and almond trees hidden. Everytime my phone rings on the beach its just weird. I remember when there was 1 pay phone in the entire City. Crazy mountain ranges I'm surprised we have cell phones on the beach.



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  14. flinx999

    I use Iridium Sat phone - no towers (they work well ANYWHERE they can see the sky) and you can rent them in the states...

    Kinda expensive per minute - but have you ever paid those roaming charges - I think it is lees than that.

  15. jimfrogs

    Costa Rica considers any telecommunication not through their company called ICE to be a violation of law and will prosecute. My neighbor set up his own satellite system for his home and ICE showed up about a month later and made him remove it or face jail time.
  16. Aguaazulcharter

    Cingular works here it is just really expensive to use!
  17. flinx999

    On the ICE thing... Iridium is it's own country code and has negotiated with most countries (not France!) for access. It also is very portable and very hard to detect (since it is completely handheld) Costa Rica is advertised as being a country that can use Iridium Iridium Satellite Phones

    The phone rents for about $10 per day and average $1.50 a minute I typically make 1-2 minute calls and use "phonenumber@sms.iridium.com" instant email notification. I used to use Imarsat @ $10 per minute in Venezuela - Iridium is a much better all around phone
  18. jimfrogs