Cayman Islands

Discussion in 'Anywhere Fishing Reports' started by bjbrow01, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. bjbrow01

    I am headed down to Cayman next week and was looking for a light tackle / reef fishing recommendation?
  2. Zombie

    I'm heading down there too with the family (Sat-Thurs). I found quite a few fishing charters online, not sure which is better. I really wanted to do some bone-fishing but doubt I'll have enough time between doing the Sting Ray thing, some golf and drinking Mai Tai's on the beach. Never been down there before so I'm really looking forward to it. Have you been there before?
  3. bjbrow01

    Randy, never been down there before either. Going on a "BabyMoon" with my wife so I will of course have only 1 day to fish. I will be there Wed - Mon (11-16) in 7 Mile Beach Area. I know a guy from High School that lives down there so I will check with him about any fishing leads. If you want I am open to splitting a bonefish light tackle or reef charter?

    BTW, I moved from Orange County to Little Rock 2 years was for work.
  4. Zombie

    Thanks for the offer but I'll be leaving soon after your get there. I'm going tomorrow (7th) and leaving on the 12th. Can't wait.

    This has been a crazy week. Had all of our stuff together until I realized late in the day on Wednesday that my son's passport was expired in 2011. I didn't know that they were only good for 5 years if obtained under the age of 16. He's 17 now and got his in 2006. Cancelled all our plans (airfare, hotel) and thought I'd have to eat a $150 cancellation fee on each plane ticket (there are 4 of us going, ouch). My wife did her magic yesterday. Got a hold of someone at the San Diego Passport Office and they told he to walk in today early. She reinstated all of our arrangements with no fees and went to the office this morning being the first in line (she left Temecula with my son at 6 this morning). Had all the paperwork already filled out, we got passport pics yesterday and everything was ready to go. She waited down there most of the day and picked it up at 3 this afternoon. I'm amazed she got the passport in one day but she did. First thing to do upon arrival is have one large Mai Tai on the beach.
  5. Plimbob

    Ben & Randy,

    We were in GC last year about this time with family and fished one day, was very windy and couldn't head out to deep water. We caught a football and 2 cuda, kind of expensive boat ride but what the hell it was fishin. We stayed on Rum Point, great place. Did the Stingray thing family got a kick out of it. If you snorkel, go to the east end of the island.

    Hope you enjoy - watch those roundabouts a little tricky for a midwestern boy !!

  6. jscrib

    I look forward to your report. I'm heading there next week myself.

  7. Zombie

    I just got back last night and have to say I'm ready to go back. We had a fantastic trip. Weather was awesome, not as humid as I thought, only showered briefly one afternoon. The only real hiccups in our trip was we originally stayed at the Marriott and were really disappointed. We ended up moving to the Ritz and it was 100% better. It actually wasn't all that much more expensive and after telling them some of our dislikes with the Marriott they upgraded us to a 2 bedroom suite. It was more like an apartment, full kitchen, two bedrooms, two patio decks. The other issue was coming back through Immigration in Houston. I thought it was literally a joke the way it was set up. About 400-500 people in line with 4 out of 30 lanes open. The only reason with caught our connecting flight was because it was delayed. Took us about an hour and half to get through that. Customs was a snap.

    Everyone on the island were super friendly, I felt absolutely safe (safer then here really). Did the sunset cruise one night which was perfect. Played Golf one day with about 300 Iguanas and did the early morning Sting Ray thing. Both the cruise and sting ray stuff we booked with Red Sail and I have to say they were awesome. Crew was fantastic and really went out of their way for everyone onboard. The Sting Ray City was cool because we got there early (about 8) before the cruise ship crowds and had the place to ourselves for about an hour. Once all the crowds showed up we took off and went snorkeling. I didn't get a chance to cruise the entire island or fish which I will do the next trip. Found lots of local small restaurants that were awesome. Great food and priced way better than the resorts. I also went to the local market and bought my boos there. I bought a few by the pool, beach and on the cruises but mostly I had my own stuff. The four of us that went thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will definitely go back sometime soon. Really a cool place especially for the kids.
  8. jscrib

    That's great to hear Randy. This will be our first time there.

    We are staying at the Reef Resort at the end of the island and it looks amazing.

  9. Zombie

    This was also my first time down there. You will have an awesome time for sure. Not sure where the Reef is (which end) but make sure and take your camera. I took two, one for stills and my GoPro. Try the CayBrew, I brought some extras back. Going through Customs there is a breeze. It was my first time riding on the other side of the road so that freaked me out a bit. The other thing that is really nice is I had no issues whatsoever with bugs. Saw very few and never bitten. Definitely do the Sting Ray City thing, it is very cool. Those guys (actually gals) are like puppies.
  10. jscrib

    Definitely got the camera's ready to go.

    The Reef Resort is in the far east end of the island, away from the main city and hotels. When we get back, I'll post some pictures on this thread and hopefully a fish report too.

  11. screaming_spool

    spent a few days in george town grand Cayman a few years ago. I took a light 4 piece travel rod. Got a local guy to take me out and slay some yellowtail croaker and bones. we flylined sardina chunks at them