Caught a BSB in San Quintin today.

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by BajaMarita, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. BajaMarita

    Captain Juan Cook took out Dave Glinn, Thom Brown and John Scanlon out for a day of Halibut fishing. Since the past two days have been great inside the San Quintin bay for Halibut they decided to fish there. They ended up landing a huge Black Seabass.

    Captain Juan took the guys over to the halibut spot when they had a bite. They started reeling in. Thom actually hooked it and it tired him out after a half hour, so Dave took over for another half hour, John wanted to try as well so he tried reeling it in for 20 minutes and finally Dave (OGD)LOL took over and after 10 minutes he got it on the boat. The Black Seabass towed them for about three miles inside the bay.

    Along with the black seabass they also caught limits of halibut to 10 pounds.

    Yesterday the guys went out to the open ocean and caught limits of rock cod.

    Thumbs up boys. :picknose:
  2. Captain Juan SQ

    I took some buddies of mine out fishing for some awesome halibut fishing and we killed them. Today we caught this huge black seabass, inside the bay while trying to catch halibut. BSB are legal here in Baja so we brought it in after about and hour and a half of trying. We had a great day.
  3. drunknpirate

    I feel funny inside?????
  4. getoffmyback


    That is a BIG BASTARD.....what did it weigh ?

    The best tasting fish will ever eat also

    300 plus would be my guess
  5. Captain Juan SQ

    Ok the scale read at 87 kilos. Which in pounds would be 191.4 pounds.
  6. FishSupreme

    mmmmm, tastes like White Rhino.

    Sorry, could not resist.

    Good catch, but even in legal waters I feel a bit sad that it is dead. Just not too many of 'em around.
  7. getoffmyback

    There are PLENTY of em down there.....Ive seen more than I could ever count while diving. As long as they dont become a commercially viable fish down there, they will remain strong.
  8. aguachico

    Congrats on the catch.

    Please share the meat with as many fisherman as you can. Share it with fisherman that have never eaten a big BSB.

    Again great catch, glad to see San Q starting to catch.

  9. Sluester

  10. saravonshep

    Thats a pretty big guy, enjoy the good eats.
  11. sealskinner

    Nice BSB. Good eats.
  12. Butty

    That sucks. Those things need a break cause that are not the smartest or most elusive fish. And FYI they are fished hard commercially...they fuck em up in the gill nets down there.
  13. sealskinner

    Good thing he got one before they become extinct.
  14. Schneeeep

    Black Sea Bass is my favorite fish - Congratulations -
  15. Jason Admin

    So tasty! Nice catch guys.
  16. watch-n-learn

    ive had "chilean" BSB b4, tastes pretty good. gratz on the fish
  17. fishbiker

    what was the nice bastard eating??
  18. Saluki

    Nice fish!
    Best tasting fish in the ocean.
  19. BajaMarita


    Captain Juan Cook told me they were halibut fishing using spanish mackrel on a halibut rig with 30 pound test.
  20. ConSeaMate

    They're better around 100#'s.......