catalina sunday

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by BRINGEROFBLOOD, Jun 5, 2007.

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    Have the squid boats been on the backside or frontside ?
  2. Blank


    Yes as in there on the backside or yes as in the frontside
  4. tuna taxi

    I'm considering making the crossing this Friday. what's the action been like? what's the cost of squid at the island??

    60$ a scoop i think
  6. radchad

    $40 for half scoop
  7. Auggie

  8. Provider

    We have the Long Beach Carnage and the Provider heading to the island tomorrow night to look for squid. If there is any there, we will have it available for sale at Catalina (just east of Avalon) and at our receiver at the east end of the breakwall. We are the only light boat that will have a seiner on standby (the Provider), so even if it doesn't float we should be able to catch it for you. I will post an update tomorrow night or Friday morning and let you know how we did.