Catalina sea monster

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by pennywise666, May 1, 2010.

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  1. pennywise666

    The seas calmed down enough to make it to Catalina today. We left from Dana point at about 5am and were fishing by 7am. Got some small calicos on sardines and my buddy got bit really hard. The funny thing was he decided to use my new rod and reel because he didn't want to retie his. I had not set the drag on there yet so just before the pole broke in half or he went in the drink the 40lb spectra snapped. That really railed him up to catch another one of those monsters. He set all the poles in the boat up and I went spearfishing. By the time I came back he was board again so he went spearfishing. One of the poles next to me started screaming and was about to break in half so I grabbed it and the monster almost spooled me before the line broke. Now I got to go back. I am getting my spearfishing depth to a solid 30ft with good bottom hang out time and got to figure out what the line stealing sea monsters are. These bass are good eating too.

    See you out there.
  2. fishkillers

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  5. Swarthy Dago

    holy moley.......
  6. Gino The Bass

    soupfin shark!
  7. rodngun762

    Thanks for the report...

    But you should really ditch the poles and start using would't have to worry about them breaking in half that way...
  8. Puddlin Jack

    Lol, if it broke your rod I'd say BSB.

    If it broke your pole, it was probably a catfish.
  9. sublimebs

    1. rods, not poles..

    2. Set drag before dropping gear down.. Imperative, every time!

    3. That's a MONSTER, right there!!
  10. Chance

    Fishing rod = stick
  11. 26grumpy

    fishstick ?
  12. Bane1

    This is off-topic, but Big D... LOVE the avatar!!! :rofl: Is that you or a pic from the internet?

    OOHRAH! :Death_To_Above:

    I would think probably BSB also. My brother has landed two of them so far. One was 85lbs on a 50lb trolling rig, the other was 72lbs caught on a 30lb spinner. It looked like a fun fight on the 50lb rig, but the 30lb took nearly an hour to get boat-side! In both cases, had the drag not been properly set, he would not have landed them. Those are some powerful fish!

    Both were safely released for one of you guys to catch. :cheers:
  13. fishkillers

    Yah, BSB will kick the shit out of you, then instead of getting to eat the bastard you spend 20 mins doing CPR.
  14. jeffr1269

    I don't know why, but this story reminds me of being a kid fishing at the lake. Kmart pole, Kmart blue line--who knows what test. No idea of what "drag" was. After getting broke off a few times by a unknown "monster", you wade in the water to see what it was. I guess it's just deja vu for me?
  15. NO4NMTL

    same thing happend to us a 2 times on the west end back side thought it was a BSB until I finally reeled the little son of a bitch 100lb Seal right up to the stern the pups are not very smart unlike the adults that eat your Sardine from the gills back sorry bro no sea monster just a young inexsperianced SEA DOG!
  16. Father Ken

    Had the same thing happen to me at ship rock . Pup Sea dog ate my swimbait . STOOPID DOG . I fought it for about 10 Minutes before we got a look at it .Got it next to the boat and it snapped the line . Swimbait atttached to his nose as it swam off . I hate fur bags , but kinda felt bad about giving that pup a piercing . Perhaps the pup was hit by the dumb stick after it was born . Prior to that , I never thought a fur bag would hit a lure !
  17. A-Fishy-Nado

    We used to ketch them in the 150 to 250 pound class in Puerto Penasco and they do pull hard, but when you pull them up from 90 plus they float nicely. Great fun though.