Catalina Pier???

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by SEA RATION, Jun 16, 2005.

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    Has anyone heard of damage done to the Catalina pier from a boat crashing into it???? My mechanic asked me about it this morning. I dont know nutin.
  2. jt_milstead

    Im going over to Catalina on july 8th. Is there a decent place to fish from shore?
  3. jscrib

    Lot of places.

  4. rdrrm8e

    It was hit by a speeding Catalina Express boat. Major damage to the pier and dinghy docks. It wil have to be competely replaced.

    I did read sumptin about the fact they have set up temporary docks and fuel docks so the place is usable.

    Thanks for the info rdrrm8e
  6. jt_milstead

    jscrib : ok, can you give me ant guidence as to where?
  7. jscrib

    If you're in Avalon, walk down to Pebbly Beach. I was there a couple of months ago and it was wide open on whitefish. Even got a couple of sheepshead. I didn't fish the pier but I talked to some of the guys out there and they were catching bones, barries, calicos etc.

    If you camp up by Two Harbors, you can do real well on the Calicos from the shore.

    Those are the only two places I've shore fished at Cat. I'm mostly on a boat when I'm out there. I'm sure others can give you more info. Also, you can rent kayaks out there to fish from.

  8. Reel Crazy

    I believe it was the pier at Isthmus Cove at Two Harbors. When we were there for the WSB Tournament they had made some temporary repairs so they could hold the tournament. No fuel was available at Isthmus Cove for the tournament.
  9. Squid Vicious slow with cut bait would be good just about anywhere you can access ............did i spell that right (access ) when on a mooring can at Avalon i looked down into the water -saw no fish....dropped a squid on a hook down for my daughter -calicos and whitefish swarming
    something sick ........
  10. jt_milstead

    Thanks for the info guys...didnt mean to hijack the post....Sorry
  11. Tranquility

    We were just there last week. It was the pier at the Isthmus. Not Avalon.