Catalina on the Waverunners

Discussion in 'Jet Anglers Forum' started by Ready4TheYellow, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Ready4TheYellow

    Ok guess I'll give a little report from Sunday.

    We got a late start Sunday morning. Launched from Cabrillo at about 7:30 am headed for the Hot Bite at Catalina.

    7 of us rigged up and ready to go. Will, Jacky, Psycho Clown, hobiefish, K1, Lemo and myself.

    Plan was to meet up with Saluki since we heard here was no squid to be had.

    8 am we roll around the West End to see the parking lot of boats.

    Pull up to Saluki as a sea lion eats his YT. Damn!! You can relive the moment in the video..Check out his sweet little boat and he hands us some squid. Thanks Bro.

    We meter around looking for some love on the exotics with nothing going for us. I need to add an anchor to my arsenal. I hate drifting through 60 boats.

    Good seeing you all out there...Saluki, Shawn, Curtis, Steve, Dean....and all the rest.

    Here is a video of our trip along with some pics.

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    YouTube - littleshitsINC's Channel

    I'll post more video later.

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  2. grader 2750

    right on ,you guy's are hard core
  3. Deno

    That’s cool!! And I thought Saluki was a nut :eek: Thanks for sharing....
  4. One_Leg

    I can hardly wait for you to catch a 50+ lb. yeller and watch it tow you through all of those boats swinging on the hook.
  5. Ready4TheYellow

    I can drag it pretty quick...:rofl:
  6. One_Leg

    Troll fish don't count!!! :rofl:
  7. Ready4TheYellow

    Having a custom made fuel cell made right now to add 8 more gallons of fuel. That will give me 160 mile range to troll for tuna this year.
  8. One_Leg

    I thought you bought a boat a real while back? When are we going fishing?
  9. Ready4TheYellow

    Whenever your ready Ill strap you up to the stern.
  10. One_Leg

    That is better than the other offer I had. They wanted to strap me to the keel!!!
  11. Ready4TheYellow

    I think you misunderstood them ...I think they wanted to use a strap on while you kneel...:rofl:
  12. One_Leg

    Leave it up to the guy who's boat is named "Butt Plugger" to come up with that come back!
  13. yellow111

    That just looks so badass. Im gonna have to try that
  14. Bank Robber

    Are you guys like a transformer? You know if the weather gets bad or you get into trouble all those things somehow snap together and make one big boat?

    :) Good seeing you out there Steve cant' wait to see you get a big seabass or yt on that thing.
  15. Saluki

    Dude the Mosquito Fleet was representing big time.
    Great to see you guys over there.

    When to I get my hat & more thing, what is the secret handshake? :D
  16. captjeffjones

    Very cool. I especially like the part at the end of the video where the guy does a flyby on the seals with the Coast Guard in the background. If that were me they'd lock me up! What a bitchen way to fish Catalina. We need to set you guys up with a mothership, for an overnight trip.
  17. BigJack

    I could see a mothership trip down south happening.
  18. medunn16

    Your a mad man Steve!:hali_olutta:
  19. YellowTail310

    That's bad ass!!
  20. DoubletroubleII

    Way cool!..........great vid....great guys are hardcore!