Catalina Classic is in overtime! Qualifying fish just caught!!!!!

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by ?? fisherman, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. ?? fisherman

    Thats right! Now read this and read it carefully cause this is history in the making right now.

    The Catalina Classic went into overtime today as they extended it to a day 3 as no fish of the minimum weight were caught for the first two days. This means all the money rolled over into day three which makes the possible winnings staggering if you are a boat that is in all of the daily JPS.

    Well guess what???

    Team Chaser has weighed in a reported 175lber and whats better yet is they are covered across the board!!! What this means is that if this fish holds out for the remainder of the day, then this fish could possibly be worth over $392,000!!!!!!!!! This would set a new dollar amount paid for a striped marlin.

    Here is what has taken place today:

    Alley Cat - Released a fish @ 8:18am

    After Midnight - Released a fish @ time unknown

    Good Karma - Had a double going and released both fish, one @ 9:06am and one @ 9:12am

    After Midnight - Released a fish @ 9:45am

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  2. The Notorious S.U.A


    Is this like a " Race " who can post first? :fighting0061:
  4. The Notorious S.U.A

    everything is a competition. you know this.

    :frehya2: LOLLOLLOL
  6. ?? fisherman

    Good stuff George!! Keep it comming as I am running around doing numerous things today but cant help but to keep checking on this stuff. Big big $$$ on the line today.

    Team Chaser has to be sweating bullets right now big time! Their finger will be nubs from chewing on them all day LOL

    By the way, I have heard three different weights for Chassers fish so far, have you heard what appears to be the correct weight yet??

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  7. af dreamer

    as long as the Bad Co. if floating i would be real nervous.They cost our crew $500000 in the bisbee a couple years ago,last boat in,took us from the penthouse to the outhouse.Tom
  8. ?? fisherman

    There are a few boats to be nervous of at this point. Bad co is definetely one of them, but even more scary if you ask me is Gambler! If they report in a hook-up, then team scrambler better start praying HARD! I have never ever seen a team as uncanny as they are at pulling in a big kicker fish at the very last minute!!!! They have done this so so many times it's amazing!!!!

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  9. af dreamer

    Billy and his crew along with his old man are great.Tom
  10. UnReel

    "then this fish could possibly be worth over $392,000!!!!!!!!! "

    What happened to the roll over cash from last year ???

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