Catalina 7-3 Sunday

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by crackodawn, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. crackodawn

    Went fishing with three friends Tom, Craig and Chris, left LB at 4:00 AM three scoop from Natcho of chovie Dean mix hearded for the East End Got squid from the Carnage at Seal Rocks.

    Set up 5:45 in 95 feet at the V,s for two hour for 1 pup Mako 25 LB (Released) nothing else:mad: , 7:45 AM moved into 25 feet just East of Orange Rocks for a couple short WSB, a handfull of Calico and 1 24" Halibut :food-smil .

    Got a call that some fish were being caught in 50 feet of water just outside of us so we moved 300 Yards away into 50 feet and hooked into a huge Yellow that ran me down 200 yard of twenty and into the kelp :mad: so we pulled anchor and run over to the Kelp and tryed to pull him out. you could see him down about 25 feet he was 30LB or more but no one including me was into getting wet so he broke off :mad: reancored and stayed till 12:00 for nothing else.

    Moved to the front side and what a mistake that was should of stayed on the back side, fished all the way to the Istmus high spot for 1 Barry and there had to be 1 boat every 100 yards at some points you could of walked across all the boats and the jet skis where everywhere like flys buzzing around you, there was zero current the rest of the day at 4:00PM we finished the day at Toyon and hit the Barn.

    Ending day
    1 24" Halibut
    2 short WSB (Released)
    1 Pup Mako (Released)
    1 Barry (Released)
    and a handfull of Calico

    28 Albin TE
  2. sealskinner

    3 scoops of bait and squid. You guys definatly had a plan and the right bait. Sorry they didn't cooperate. You'll killem next time.
  3. Payaso1

    Great Avatar!!!! Sweet fish!
  4. itrytofish

    I anchored up off the palisades lasts Thursday 7/1/05. The water was a cool 61.5-62 degrees. we had one run with my 30lb set-up right at dawn but that was all.
    We motored around to the east end where it was 62.5 and them off to TOYO, w. of avalon where the yellowtail had gone stupid the afternoon before. the water temp was 64+ on the frontside. Caught a couple yellows befor 11am. one on live squid and one on a strip of GIant Squid from the freezer.